Vacuum pump in the gelatin single-effect evaporator

Gelatin is a natural protein extracted from animal skin and bone after processing. Its excellent physical and chemical properties are widely used in science, biological materials and industrial technology. Gelatin is a heat-sensitive protein. In its production process, concentration and drying are important processes for the production of gelatin. The pros and cons of the process conditions greatly affect the physical and chemical properties of gelatin. In the traditional production process, the gelatin concentration is concentrated by high-temperature steam with a three-effect evaporator. The high-temperature evaporation of this process damages the freezing power of the product. The high temperature can cause the product to lose 20g of freezing power, which seriously affects the quality of the product, and consumes high energy and high production costs.


The drying is a Fourdrinier dryer and a flat bed. The Fourdrinier dryer consumes a lot of steam, high power consumption, and a long drying cycle. Flat bed drying uses a lot of labor, causes secondary pollution to the product, long drying cycle, consumes a lot of steam, high power consumption, and stops production in summer. The annual shutdown time is 3-4 months. The current drying process has high production costs.

The drying is a Fourdrinier dryer and a flat bed
The formed jelly liquid is shoveled by a shovel to the conveyor belt in the quick-freezing single-freezer, and the rubber strip is conveyed on the conveyor belt while quick-freezing. The strip moves to the quick-freezing single-freezer, where gelatin and water coexist to form an ice body to complete the molecular contraction. Gelatin is a protein substance and does not replace ethanol, so gelatin is separated from water and the concentration is completed.
The separated gelatin contains free water. In order to better remove the free water, the gelatin enters the centrifugal filter to form a filter residue under the action of the centrifugal force field, and the water is thrown out of the machine under the action of the centrifugal force field and discharged through the drainage port. The gel content of the separated gelatin is converted from 3.2% to 80%. At this time, the gelatin still contains bound water and residual ethanol. Since the boiling point of ethanol is 78.2°C and the melting point of gelatin is 80°C, it is used in a vacuum dryer. Pass in hot water of 50~6°C, and use negative pressure to make the internal temperature of the vacuum dryer exceed the boiling point of ethanol and lower than the melting point of gelatin to completely evaporate the ethanol residue in the gelatin. The pre-dried gelatin is based on the work of the vacuum dryer. When necessary, the gelatin is recovered in a vacuum dryer under the action of its negative pressure to remove the bound water and residual ethanol contained in the gelatin, so that the final drying of the gelatin is completed.

There are many different processes and project scales for evaporator plant, The products in which EVP caters to for evaporator mill projects will vary accordingly.

Liquid ring vacuum pump :

2BE series liquid ring vacuum pump/compressor, one of our company after years of practice and innovation, and the use of the international most advanced technology, the latest design and development of energy-efficient products in the 1990s. The advantages of this product include: long-term reliable operation, stability, low noise, easy maintenance.

  • The impeller is made of high quality stainless steel or steel plate, the hub is processed by precision machining, welded and heat treated, and the balance is good. In addition, we introduced the CNC Computer Dynamic Balance Tester, can fundamentally solve the problem of dynamic balance.
  • Thispump, equipped with a dedicated soda separator, which ensures a more effective reduction in drag and noise.
  • The distribution plate and impeller profile are optimized to improve the diversion effect, increase the suction and exhaust area, high efficiency, simple structure and little maintenance.
  • The end face of the pump cover is provided with two large inspection holes for easy inspection and maintenance of the parts in the pump.
  • Using stainless steel Shaft Sleeve, ensure that the pump shaft is not worn, and easy to remove.
  • It is characterized by high strength, good shock absorption, high efficiency and convenient loading and unloading. which can be operated continuously for a long time.

2BE series liquid ring vacuum pump/compressor

Liquid Ring Vacuum pump/compressor package is a complete unit of equipment developed on the basis of liquid ring vacuum pump. As a supplement to the standard pump/motor single set of equipment, the company provides a complete set of liquid ring pump package, such as 2BE series, 2BV series, 2SY series, all ZJZ series units are equipped with air intake system, sealed liquid cooling circulating water supply system, gas-liquid separator, instruments, safety alarm device, pipeline valve, etc. , the electric control can be set to manual, semi-automatic, automatic remote control and other functions. The experiment proves that the large set of equipment can fully meet the ability of pumping gas under various complicated working conditions and excellent product performance, at the same time fully ensure the use of customer demand.

Including the gas-liquid separator, heat exchanger, connecting pipes, etc. , using the overall supply, can greatly shorten the installation cycle of users.

The gas-liquid separator can effectively separate the exhausted gas from the liquid. After the liquid is cooled by the heat exchanger, it can be used as a circulation supplement of the working liquid. The gas is discharged to the designated place through the outlet of the separator, especially suitable for pumping flammable, explosive, toxic gases;

The working liquid can be recycled with water or various chemical solvents, which greatly reduces the environmental pollution of the chemical industry.

If the removed medium is used as the working liquid, the removed medium can be recovered.

The closed circulation system should be designed according to the inlet condition of the  vacuum pump, the condition of cooling water and the condition of the exhaust port. At the same time, the vacuum unit and its auxiliary equipment can be made of ordinary or special materials according to the different media.

vacuum unit

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