Vacuum pump model and charging process

In recent years, vacuum pump has been widely used in food industry. I believe we all understand the advantages and characteristics of vacuum pump. But we in the process of use for the vacuum pump more or less there will be some inevitable failure.

How to better deal with the pumping effect of vacuum pump, there are the following reasons and solutions: the time setting is not in place: the size of the vacuum chamber of the vacuum packaging machine is different, so the vacuum pump equipped is not the same, and according to different products, and vacuum packaging bags, vacuum packaging machine pumping time and sealing time is not certain. If the suction time of vacuum packaging machine is set too little, it will not reach the vacuum degree, and the sealing time is not enough, the sealing effect is not good, and the phenomenon of air leakage will also affect the vacuum effect.

Food itself is easy to be affected by various external factors and deteriorate, so the packaging of food can not only be a single package, but also reflect other characteristics, such as the packaged products can have the function of prolonging fresh-keeping, which is the most needed food.

Since the vacuum machine entered the food industry, its vacuum packaging has solved this problem very well, because we have found the root cause of food deterioration. It is because there are many factors in the air that are very suitable for the survival of microorganisms and create an environment for them. Food is the best place for it to survive. Therefore, in order to prevent food from being threatened by microorganisms, we should It destroys its living environment, and the vacuum technology adopted by the vacuum machine can effectively make the packaging bag and product lose air, reach the vacuum, and let the microorganism have no hiding place, so that the food can be insured for a long time. Vacuum machine with reliable vacuum packaging to prove that packaging is not only let us appreciate, but also necessary in our life.

The use of vacuum machine is conducive to human health. Due to its outstanding packaging characteristics, many products in the market are using vacuum machine to keep fresh, which can be said to play a incisive role in the food industry. There are two types of vacuum machine or vacuum inflatable packaging machine, which are cavity type and external suction type.

Cavity packaging machine is divided into vacuum packaging machine and vacuum inflatable packaging machine. The external pumping packaging machine has several functions such as vacuum packaging and vacuum inflatable packaging, so it is also called multi-functional modified atmosphere packaging machine. The selection and purchase of vacuum packaging machine should be based on the comprehensive factors such as the shape of packaging goods, the size of packaging capacity, the production batch, and the packaging method. It is better to consult before purchasing.

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