vacuum pump stuck causes and solutions

With the rapid development of vacuum industry, the application of vacuum pump is more and more widely, which can adapt to a variety of environments and industries. Vacuum pump stuck is a common problem. If you want to know the cause of the vacuum pump sticking, you should first know the structure of the vacuum pump and what the vacuum pump depends on to lubricate. The following discusses the causes of vacuum pump stuck and solutions.

Structure of vacuum pump: it is composed of pump body (cylinder body, rotor), oil tank, oil pipe, coupling, motor (motor), etc.

The vacuum pump is lubricated by vacuum pump oil. The vacuum pump oil not only plays a lubricating role in the rotary vane vacuum pump, but also plays a sealing role. The pressure and flow of the vacuum pump are guaranteed by the normal operation of the vacuum pump oil. When the vacuum pump oil is running, the vacuum pump oil in the oil tank is carried to the pump body through the vacuum pump oil pipe, and then returns to the oil tank through the oil return pipe after running in the pump body. Because the temperature of the vacuum pump will reach 70-105 degrees when it is running, part of the vacuum pump oil will become oil and gas. With the exhaust gas discharged to the exhaust port, it will be filtered through the oil mist separator (exhaust filter) which has no failure, and then returns to the vacuum pump oil tank. To ensure that the vacuum pump is not stuck due to lack of oil, it is necessary to ensure that the vacuum pump oil is sufficient, the pipeline is smooth, the vacuum pump oil is not emulsified, does not produce sludge, and can flow in the vacuum pump.

There are six reasons why the vacuum pump is stuck:

1) Incorrect voltage or overload of drive motor

2) The overload protection of motor starter is too small or the setting value is too low

3) The fuse is blown

4) If the vacuum pump is equipped with AC motor: the capacitor of the motor is damaged

5) Check the use of vacuum pump oil. The vacuum pump oil has returned, the oil temperature is too low, and the oil has deteriorated. Fill the vacuum pump cavity with vacuum pump oil. Observe whether the oil quality has been emulsified (white foam) or carbonized (blackened). The deterioration of vacuum pump oil will affect the friction between the rotor and the rotor, resulting in the blade stuck in the pump cavity

6) Vacuum pump or motor stuck

The solutions summarized by the vacuum pump maintenance manufacturer are as follows:

1. Provide the correct voltage of motor

2. Compare the setting data of overload protection of motor starter with that of motor nameplate, and correct if necessary. If the ambient temperature is high, the setting value can be increased by 5% according to the normal motor current

3. Check the fuse

4. Repair or replace the motor (to be operated by professional technicians)

5. Confirm that the motor is powered off and disconnect the fan cover. Turn the motor and vacuum pump by hand. If the hand plate does not move, remove the motor from the pump and check the vacuum pump and motor respectively. If the vacuum pump is stuck, please repair the pump (professional technicians are required to repair and inspect)

The problem of vacuum pump stuck has a certain severity, which directly leads to the vacuum pump can no longer be used. In order to avoid this problem, the daily maintenance of vacuum pump is very important. It is recommended to find a professional vacuum pump maintenance company for professional treatment after the vacuum pump is stuck, so as to avoid secondary damage to the vacuum pump. If you have any questions about the vacuum pump failure and maintenance, you can consult us.

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