Vacuum scroll pump for technical parameters

Scroll vacuum pump technical specification

Scroll vacuum pump is mainly composed of fixed scroll disc and drive scroll disc. Drive the scroll disc around the stationary scroll disc, creating a rotating transport that draws gas from the outer edge of the scroll disc, compresses it between the two discs and transports it to the center of the scroll disc.

Vacuum scroll pump for technical parameters

Vacuum scroll pump of  performance characteristics

No lubricant is used in the vacuum enclosure, and the complete seal ensures the overall cleanliness and dry vacuum, preventing cross contamination
Non-atmospheric pressure to vacuum shaft seal, so that the bearing completely isolated, thus preventing process gas corrosion, but also make the bearing operating temperature is lower, longer life
No oil change, saving the cost of disposal of contaminated pump oil
The simple unilateral scroll design enables the maintenance work to be completed in a few minutes, reducing the operating cost and extending the working time
The conversion drive can keep the pumping speed stable at 50/60hz.

Technical parameters of vacuum scroll pump

Displacement (50Hz) 43 m3/h
Pumping speed (50Hz) 35m3/h
Ultimate vacuum (total pressure) 0.01mbar
Can handle the maximum pressure of water vapor 35mbar
Water vapor treatment capacity (GB I) 70g/h
Water vapor treatment capacity (GB II) 240g/h
Maximum allowable export pressure 0.2bar
Maximum allowable inlet and GB pressure 0.5bar
Motor Power 0.52kW
Power connection (single phase) IEC EN60320 C19
Speed (50Hz) 1750rpm
weight 48kg
Inlet flange KF40
Export flange KF25
Noise (50Hz) 57dBA
Vibration at the inlet flange <4.5mms-1(rms)
Leakage rate <1×10-6mbar ls-1
Operating temperature 10℃~40℃

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