Water ring pump model

Several models of water ring vacuum pump are introduced

In the mechanical industry, according to the user’s needs and requirements, different types of pump equipment in the model design is also diverse. Water ring vacuum pump is a kind of coarse vacuum pump, the vacuum value it can obtain will generally be between 2000 and 4000Pa, however, different models of products in many aspects will have a certain difference. Below let small make up to introduce its several models in detail for everyone.

Water ring pump model

Water ring vacuum pump model

The structure of the domestic water ring vacuum pump types is basically in the 50 s of sz series water ring vacuum pump imported from the Soviet union (only four specifications, the volume 1.5 cubic meters per minute respectively, 3.4 m3 / min, 11.5 m3 / min, 27 cubic meters per minute) as the foundation, this series of products, low efficiency, high energy consumption volume and the Soviet union in recent years made many improvements on the water ring vacuum pump structure, obtained many patents. The structure of domestic water ring vacuum pump has been improved, the volume is smaller than sz series, the specifications are more complete, the efficiency has also been improved, but there is still a big gap compared with foreign advanced level, such as 2BV series water ring vacuum pump and 2BE series water ring vacuum pump.

At present, the development trend of water ring vacuum pump in China is good. Compared with other vacuum pumps, the sales volume of water ring vacuum pump ranks second. This is because the water ring vacuum pump can effectively extract steam, corrosive gas and inflammable and explosive gas, and can be made into large pumping speed. With the development of the demand for vacuum products in various industries, water ring vacuum pump is becoming larger, becoming a set, and having a larger volume of air extraction in a higher vacuum.

Our popular products include 2BE type water ring vacuum pump, 2BV type water ring vacuum pump, SK type water ring vacuum pump, 2BW series water ring vacuum pump and other four types of water ring vacuum pump in the applicable range of knowledge, I believe that you can have a simple understanding of different types of equipment. However, in the selection, we still need to choose the appropriate supporting products according to actual needs, in order to ensure that its function can be fully played.

How to choose the type of water ring vacuum pump?

1, try to choose a low speed specifications

(1) in the same amount of air under the premise, should try to choose a lower speed of the pump, large pump consumption than the power is smaller, that is, higher efficiency

(2) in addition, the larger specifications of the water ring vacuum pump due to the blade length (that is, the length of the flow channel), the fluid curvature is small, the streamline is approximate to a straight line, the flow of the fluid is close to the slow variable flow, the flow of the secondary eddy current and the surface layer caused by the energy loss is also small

2. Consider the influence of water temperature

Most of the supplementary water temperature in 25℃ ~ 35℃, so the selection of the pump should be compared to the technical documentation of the gas volume appropriately increased

3. The influence of inspiratory resistance

When arranging pipeline, should use thicker inspiratory pipe, reduce resistance loss, reduce right Angle elbow as far as possible, in order to achieve the purpose that raises inspiratory efficiency

4. Selection of exhaust gas with micro positive pressure

(1) should take into account the rising exhaust pressure, pump chamber internal reflux increase on the pumping volume

(2) due to the exhaust pressure increases, the shaft power of the pump increases, with the power of the driver should also increase, in the selection should refer to the test performance curve and the corresponding technical data, in order to fully meet the requirements

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