What about vacuum pump oil emulsification?

1、 What is emulsification?

From the point of view of physics, it can be understood that the phenomenon that two liquids that could not be mixed together could be mixed together due to the effect of surfactant is called emulsification.

What is emulsification?

2、 Reasons for emulsification of vacuum pump oil

During operation, the vacuum pump may inhale corrosive gas, or air and cold gas containing water vapor. Then the corrosive gas will corrode the metal parts in the pump and chemically change with the vacuum pump oil, while the air and cold gas containing water vapor will also cause the vacuum pump oil to be emulsified.

3、 Influence of vacuum pump oil emulsification

Vacuum pump has a wide range of applications. From the reason of emulsification of vacuum pump oil, it is easier to produce emulsification in the drying process of vacuum pumps used in medicine, food, ceramics and other industries. Because in the vacuum dehydration process, a large amount of steam and condensate will be discharged into the pump oil, which will inevitably produce oil emulsification.

4、 Emulsification hazard of vacuum pump oil

Emulsification of vacuum pump oil not only affects the service life of pump oil but also deteriorates the limit pressure, which is one of the common failures of vacuum pump. It seriously affects the normal operation of the vacuum pump.

Emulsification hazard of vacuum pump oil

5、 Prevention Measures for Emulsification of Vacuum Pump Oil

The simplest way to prevent emulsification of vacuum pump oil is to select the pump oil with good demulsibility. The pump oil with good demulsibility has strong oil-water separation ability. Water vapor and condensate can be removed by opening the gas ballast valve. We can simply remember that the demulsibility of low viscosity pump oil is better than that of high viscosity oil. The effect of pumping oil with additive is more obvious than that without additive.

6、 Cleaning method of vacuum pump oil

1.The window containing oil must be clean. It is strictly forbidden to expose it to the sun or store it in the open air. It should be stored in dark, dry and ventilated places to prevent moisture and dust from mixing.

2.The refueling appliance must have special equipment and should not be a container containing other oils or solvents; Pumping.

3.When taking or loading oil, the light rain around the barrel cover must be removed to prevent debris from mixing into the oil and causing wear of the pump.

4.When changing the oil, the used oil in the pump body shall be drained, the pump shaft shall be slowly rotated after the new oil is poured in, the pump chamber shall be cleaned and the residual oil shall be drained, and the oil shall be cleaned repeatedly for several times, and the new oil shall be replaced after the cleaning.

5.When mineral oil is exchanged with ester oil or other synthetic oil, the pump shall be disassembled for thorough cleaning. All parts must be immersed in ester oil to prevent pollution.

6.During overhaul of the pump, all parts of the pump must be cleaned with solvent or detergent and dried

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