What is the liquid viscosity of acid resistant vacuum pump?

When purchasing an acid resistant vacuum pump for model selection, we usually pay more attention to the flow process and other parameters, but in fact, the fluid viscosity parameter is also very important for the use of the pump, which will affect the speed and power of the pump. What is the liquid viscosity of acid resistant vacuum pump?

What is the liquid viscosity of acid resistant vacuum pump?

Viscosity is actually one of the physical properties of fluid information, so it can be said that all fluids have viscosity information. Therefore, when the fluid flows, there will be relative motion between adjacent layers, and there will be frictional resistance between layers, which is the so-called viscous force.

Therefore, the viscosity of acid resistant vacuum pump is also an important physical data for calculating viscosity. Low viscosity water usually flows smoothly in the pipeline. However, many high viscosity liquids tend to flow slowly.

The viscosity of some liquids in acid resistant vacuum pump is not fixed, and some changes may occur under the action of temperature. For the acid resistant vacuum pump, when the viscosity of the transmitted liquid increases, the head of the device will tend to decrease, otherwise the energy consumption in the operation process will increase.

When selecting the required pumps in the petrochemical industry, water at about 20 ℃ is usually used as the test medium. Generally speaking, when the kinematic viscosity exceeds 20cm, the head and flow of the acid resistant vacuum pump will have a certain downward trend, and the power demand will also be greatly increased.

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