Why 2BE1-series flat port pump is recommended for evaporation & crystallization in sugar mill

As per request, here we compare the difference between cone port and flat port for liquid ring vacuum pump.

The comparison is given basing on required capacity 60m³/min (6600m³/hr) at 150mbar(abs). and here is the corresponding model and general data of each option:

Model Nominal capacity Ultimate vacuum
Flat port 2BE1-353 4100m³/hr 33mbar abs.
Cone type CL3003 4200m³/hr 80mbar abs. (around 27inHg G)


Since working capacity, power consumption are major factor to impact productivity and users operation cost, the comparison is done one these two aspects as followed:

1.Working capacity at 150mbar (or 25inHg G)

2BE1 Water ring vacuum pump

2.Vacuum range

Refer above curve also, the ultimate vacuum of cone type is less than 27inHg G (around 80mbar) , and its air flow is dropping greatly since 24inHg G to 27inHg G (=200mbar to 80mbar). while port type keeps stable capacity (higher than 4250m³/hr) from 100mbar to 300mbar pressure. It’s important to ensure high capacity for hard working condition.

3.Power consumption at 150mbar (or 25inHg G)

Water ring vacuum pump

After all above comparison, you must have your own decision. Kindly be free to contact us for any request.

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