2BE1 Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump used in Truck

The work of a vacuum tanker is hard and dirty. It exerts a lot of wear and tear on the materials, because it takes place in tough environments with tons of substances and liquids that may be inflammable or explosive. The suction task demands that the vacuum truck pump on the vehicle is as low-noise as possible when working in urban environments. It also has to be secure in service, highly dependable, have little impact on the environment and be able to run for years with little maintenance. These are highly challenging demands. But our liquid ring pumps meet them – and go further still.

Truck pumps Quality that lasts for years:

EVP have supplied quality pumps for vacuum tankers for 20 years. We are familiar with all current requirements and understand the importance of ensuring our products live up to the expectations of the owners and drivers of vacuum tankers. Our vacuum truck pumps are judged extremely competent when it comes to security of operation, low-noise factor and reliability. We also know that they operate for decades, almost without any type of service or maintenance. This means the vehicles on which they are mounted are not forced to return to base – at least not because of a problem with the truck pump.

2BE1 Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump

A solution that is kind to the environment:

EVP pumps help to protect our surroundings and ensure a good work environment. 2BE1 liquid ring vacuum pump are based on water and therefore do not cause any pollution or oil damping. We consider it part of our job to ensure the necessary certifications are in place. They are available in left- and right-rotating versions. They can be installed with a hydraulic motor, belt drive or direct cardan drive.

Truck Pumps and accessories for vacuum trucks and tankers:

– Pumps from 65m3/h till 3.000m3/h
– ATEX approved
– 4-Way valves
– Weld flanges
– Water valves for service liquid control
– All pumps can be prepared for transmission and hydraulic drive

Our most sold pump for flex trucks is the legendary KS1025.  For special trucks in need of more capacity the KM2200 or KM2700 is the ideal solution. The powerful liquid ring vacuum pump allows large quantities to be processed fast and efficient.

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Edited by: Annie Hou / Shanghai EVP Vacuum Technology Co., Ltd.

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