2BV water ring vacuum pump

一、 purpose and scope of use and application of 2bv-type water ring vacuum pump:


2BVseries water ring vacuum pump suitable for pumping gas and wet steam, inspiratory pressure can be up to 33 mbar absolute pressure (vacuum) 97%, when 2 bv water ring type vacuum pump suction pressure is less than 80 mbar long-term work, should join cavitation protection tube to the pump, 2 bv water ring type vacuum pump, such as air ejector suction pressure can reach 10 mbar, sprayer can be installed directly on the vacuum pump suction mouth, used as a compressor, its maximum pressure 0.26 MPa (pabs).

2BV series water ring vacuum pump and compressor are widely used in petroleum, chemical, pharmaceutical, food, sugar industry and other fields. Since the compression process of gas is isothermal during the working process, it is not easy to explode when the gas is compressed and pumped, so its application is more extensive.

二、Operation principle of 2bv-type water ring vacuum pump:

2BV water ring type vacuum pump is shown in three eccentric impeller installed in the pump body, when starting to infuse a certain height of water pump and so when three rotating impeller, the effect of water by centrifugal force in forming a rotating water ring pump body wall 1, water ring bottom inner surface and wheel tangent, along the direction of arrow rotation, during the first half of the turn, 2 bv water ring type vacuum pump water ring surface gradually away from the wheel hub, therefore between the impeller blades and forms a closed space, water ring with the rotation of the impeller, gradually expand the space, space gas pressure is reduced, the gas from the disc inspiratory mouth inhaled; In the latter half turn process, water ring surface and wheel hub near gradually, the space between the blades gradually narrowed, gas pressure, higher than the outlet pressure, gas from between the blade disc vent is expelled. With each rotation of the impeller, the space between the blades is sucked out once, and many Spaces are continuously working. The 2bv-type water ring vacuum pump continuously pumps or compresses the gas.

 2BV water ring type vacuum pump because in the process of work, the work is done to generate heat, hot water ring, jobs at the same time, some of the water and gas is weeks together, therefore, in the process of work, must constantly to pump water, supplemented by cooling and the consumption of water in the pump, the pump work requirements.

When 2BV water ring type vacuum pump exhaust gas is no longer used, in 2 bv water ring type vacuum pump outlet on the angry water separator, waste gas and part of water into the air after the water separator, gas water separation, gas from the exhaust pipes, leave the return pipe of water supply to continue to use inside the pump. With the extension of working hours, the working temperature of the water will continue to rise, then need to supply cold water from the pipes, in order to reduce the work of water temperature, to ensure that the pump can achieve the required technical requirements and performance indicators.

三、Structure description of 2bv-type water ring vacuum pump:

2BV water ring vacuum pump consists of pump cover, pump body, disc, impeller, mechanical seal, motor and other parts. Intake pipe exhaust pipe by installed on the pump cover of the suction hole on the disc and vent connected to the pump cavity, the eccentric shaft is installed in the pump body, impeller mounted on the shaft with the flat key,  2BV vacuum pump at both ends of the clearance between the pump body and disc pad to adjust, the disc on the impeller and the pump cover the gap between the disc and pad to adjust between the pump body, impeller clearance between two end face and the pump cover disc decided to gas in the pump cavity flows from inlet to outlet and limit the size of the pressure in the loss.

The seal of 2BV type water ring vacuum pump is mechanical seal, and mechanical seal is installed between impeller and pump body. The clearance between impeller and pump body is determined by mechanical seal.

In type 2BV water ring vacuum pump cover are installed on the disc, the disc is equipped with suction, vent and flexible exhaust valve, flexible valve plates is used when the gas pressure between the impeller blades to exhaust pressure, before the vent the gas discharge, reduce the consumption of power by gas pressure is too large, so as to reduce the rate of consumption.


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