Vacuum pump maintenance

After the rotary vane vacuum pump is used for a long time, the vacuum degree will drop, the seal will leak oil, the vacuum pump will stop rotating, even “stuck”, the oil pollution will be serious, the vacuum pump cavity will rust, the rotary vane will have a big impact sound, the vacuum pump cavity will fall into hard objects and scratch the vacuum pump cavity, causing the vacuum pump overheating and other abnormal phenomena. At this time, the vacuum pump must be disassembled and cleaned. The steps are as follows:

(1) Cut off the power supply and remove the vacuum pump from the vacuum system,

(2) Discharge and collect the dirty oil by gravity method or pressure method to avoid environmental pollution;

(3) Remove the belt and the belt pulley key (the two-stage rotary vane vacuum pump includes the belt);

(4) First remove the low vacuum end, take down the rear end cover, and then take out the low vacuum rotor, rotor and spring, etc;

(5) Remove the front cover, take out the high vacuum rotor, rotor and spring, etc;

(6) Remove the sight glass, exhaust valve, exhaust cover, etc;

(7) The removed metal parts shall be thoroughly cleaned with gasoline and dehydrated with alcohol. The rubber parts can be boiled and degreased with 15% sodium hydrofluoride solution. For the parts with burr or rust, it can be lightly ground with oilstone or metallographic sandpaper to remove the rust spot and burr. The cleaned parts must be dried;

(8) During assembly, install the second stage first, lift up the spring and rotary disc and install them into the rotor, then put them into the vacuum pump chamber, install the front end cover, then install the locating pin, and tighten the screws evenly and symmetrically. After assembly, ensure flexible and even rotation. After the front stage rotor and rear end cover are installed, install the exhaust valve (the exhaust valve plate shall be close to the valve seat) and other parts, such as the air ballast device.

Vacuum pump maintenance

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