H-150 vacuum pump

H-150 vacuum pump overview

The h-150 piston vacuum pump produced by EVP company has many outstanding advantages, such as high allowable working pressure (105Pa), large air extraction, continuous vacuum operation in harsh environment, durability and so on. Therefore, it is widely used in all kinds of operation occasions requiring high vacuum.

1. High vacuum degree, H series vacuum degree is 1pA.
2. It has less vibration and low noise. The bearing seal chamber is separately supplied with oil, which is separated from the pump chamber, so as to avoid impurities entering into the bearing and premature damage of the seal;
3. It is suitable for drawing air and other general gases. When using air ballast, it can also draw a small amount of condensable gases (such as water vapor) on the palm;
4. It can be used alone or as the front pump of diffusion pump, oil booster pump, roots pump and other high vacuum pumps, compared with the rotary vane vacuum pump,
5. The piston pump is durable and has a longer service life;
6. The pump is widely used in vacuum coating, vacuum heat treatment, vacuum sintering, artificial stone, molecular distillation and simulation test;

H-150 vacuum pump application

Widely used in aerospace, aviation, atomic, petroleum, chemical, pharmaceutical, electrical, ceramics, smelting, new materials, vacuum heat treatment, vacuum coating and other industries.

H-150 vacuum pump structure description

1. Structure: the connection between the guide hole of h-150 piston vacuum pump and the center of the pump cavity is 30 ° with horizontal structure. There are two types of motors: side mounted and overhead mounted. The floor area of overhead mounted vacuum pump can be small. In order to identify faults during commissioning and maintenance, the oil tank has a side cover, and the exhaust port is set on the side cover. This pump improves the ability of preventing oil injection when it operates under high inlet pressure, which can reduce fuel consumption and environmental pollution.

2. Principle of air extraction:
When the shaft rotates anticlockwise, the eccentric wheel drives the piston to perform the compound operation of up, down, left and right. When the suction chamber expands gradually, the gas is drawn into the pump chamber through the piston column through the pump inlet. At this time, the exhaust chamber gradually shrinks, and the compressed gas and oil will finally push the exhaust valve to drain into the oil tank, and then enter the next cycle to realize the exhaust effect. The pump is equipped with an air ballast valve. When the air ballast valve is opened, the gas can be mixed into the exhaust chamber of the pump to reduce the partial pressure of the steam during the period, pump a certain amount of water vapor and purify the pump oil, extend the service time of the pump oil, improve the lubrication conditions and increase the reliability of the pump.

3. oil way: the oil enters the oil pump through the oil filter from the oil tank, then enters the oil box from the oil pump, and is distributed to the two ends of the pump chamber. The friction parts between the piston and the guide rail and the eccentric wheel flow back to the oil tank from the exhaust valve.
The oil pipe is connected with the oil tank between the 4-end shaft seal: the bearing is lubricated with high-temperature grease that can be used in the range of – 40 ° C – + 200 ° C, and it is required to replace it after 5000 hours of operation. The amount of loading is one-third or one-half of the bearing clearance.

H-150 vacuum pump

H-150 vacuum pump

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