ZJ-27 vacuum gauge

This regulating mode is a typical transistor structure, which uses noble metal oxide cathode. It has the characteristics of oxidation resistance, instantaneous atmospheric shock resistance, stable performance and long service life. It is suitable for medium and high vacuum measurement.

ZJ-27 vacuum gauge

ZJ-27 vacuum gauge

ZJ-27 vacuum gauge

Main technical parameters:

1. Measurement range: 4 ~ 1 × 10-5pa

2. X-ray limit: < 1 × 10-6pa

3. Adjustment sensitivity: 0.15 ± 15% PA-1

4. Operation parameters:
Filament voltage 1.3 V
Filament current 2.5A
Grid current (emission current) 0.1/1 Ma

5. Joule (I2R) degassing
Grid voltage
Grid current 3A

6. Vacuum joint form and baking temperature:
Φ 15.5 ± 0.5 glass tube 80 ° C
Φ 15.5 ± 0.1 metal pipe 80 ° C
Kf10 quick release flange 80 ° C
Kf25 quick release flange 80 ° C
Kf40 quick release flange 80 ° C
Cf16 super flange 450 ° C
Cf25 super flange 450 ° C
Cf35 super flange c450 ° C

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