Air compressor for light industry

What are the requirements of light industry for compressed air?

Compressed air is widely used in various industries, but it is worth mentioning that different industries have different requirements for compressed air. Let’s introduce the requirements of light industry for air compressor and compressed air!

1, food and beverage: divided into non contact, indirect contact and direct contact gas. No contact: it can be supplied by air lubricated screw air compressor, such as the cleaning of locust pull cans and beverage bottles. Direct contact: for example, raw material agitation, fermentation and so on, it requires high oil content and deodorizing the compressed air.

2. Pharmaceutical industry: non contact mainly refers to power execution and instrument air, direct contact mainly refers to particle product transportation, bottle drying and other air quality requirements, oil-free lubrication screw air compressor can be selected.

3. Cigarette industry: in addition to electricity, compressed air is the main power source, which is generally used in wire injection equipment, cigarette rolling, splicing and packaging equipment, as well as instrument, power execution and equipment cleaning.

4. Rubber and plastic products: mainly used for power execution and instrument air.
Based on food and beverage, the application of air compressor in light industry is described in detail below:

The scope of light industry is too large for us to analyze and discuss in every industry. Here, we will give a brief analysis of the application of compressed air in this industry, mainly focusing on food and beverage. We can make a brief introduction in two parts.

First, let’s introduce the type of compressed air that does not come into contact with food or drink. This kind of compressed air is mainly used in power actuator, control cylinder and other mechanical action occasions. Generally, compressed air does not touch food or beverage directly, so the quality requirements of this kind of compressed air are not very high. The pressure of compressed air is generally required to be about 0.6MPa, and the gas consumption can be determined according to the size of production scale.

Secondly, we will introduce such compressed air in indirect contact with food or drink. Such as cans, beverage bottles and so on, although compressed air does not directly contact with food or beverage, the requirements for compressed air are also high. The discharge pressure of compressed air is generally about 0.5-0.6mpa.

Let’s introduce the requirements of compressed air system in direct contact with food or beverage. Generally, this kind of compressed air is mainly used in a series of production processes, such as the mixing and fermentation of raw materials. Here, the compressed air is used for sterilization and deodorization. Generally, the oil-free screw air compressor is used as the air source, and then the compressed air is properly post treated. In addition to the sterilization filter, the post-treatment equipment also needs to be equipped with precision filter to prevent accidents.

In addition, the material selection of the pipeline is also considered. Generally, the pipeline of the compressed air system after the post-treatment equipment can be made of stainless steel to reduce the impurities in the compressed air.

Food and drink have a common feature – that is, they provide food for people. Therefore, we should pay attention to edible problems when choosing air compressor, that is to say, the quality of compressed air is better, especially the oil content of compressed air is very small.

But in fact, the requirements for compressed air in food or beverage factories are not the same. We can roughly divide it into two parts: one is that compressed air contacts with food or beverage; the other is that compressed air does not contact with food or beverage.

Food and beverage is an indispensable part of people’s life, and with the improvement of people’s life quality, the quality requirements of food and beverage are getting higher and higher, and the demand is also growing. Similarly, more and more food and beverage manufacturers are producing food and beverage, and the demand for air compressor is also growing.

Food hygiene is directly related to our life safety, so we must be careful about the air compressor used in the food industry, and the most important thing is to keep the food hygiene and quality.

Air compressor for light industry

Air compressor for light industry

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