Air-cooled Roots screw pump vacuum unit composition

Air – cooled Roots screw pump vacuum unit compactor by which 7 most components

Air-cooled Roots screw pump vacuum unit working in the vacuum range, is more suitable, due to its compression ratio is not high, just can be connected to a few Pa to several hundred Pa range. When the vacuum unit of air-cooled Roots screw pump enters into a high vacuum degree, because the exhaust flow of the main pump is significantly reduced, at this time, only a small front pump can maintain the continuity of air extraction, which is often used in practical application, so as to reduce the energy consumption of the unit.

Air-cooled Roots screw pump vacuum unit

Application of air-cooled Roots screw pump vacuum unit in compacting machine, compacting machine is the equipment of compacting copper foil and insulating layer material together, one of the procedures of making circuit board. Need high temperature, high pressure, vacuum and high temperature aims to action of high pressure of the insulating layer from a solid into a molten state type to press the two materials together, air-cooled roots vacuum pump units is the air between two materials, the material released when heated gas draining, the higher the vacuum degree, the cleaner the smoke, the processing of product quality is higher.

Air-cooled Roots screw pump vacuum unit composition

The pressing machine is generally composed of 7 parts: rack (with working table), crimping wheel running part, pressing wheel driving part, steel mold rotating part, ultrasonic generator, ultrasonic transducer, electrical control part. Including frame, installed on the frame of the framework, installed on the frame connected with the external hydraulic system of hydraulic cylinder components, heat resistant plate up and down, up and down heating plate, the heating plate between the up and down the vacuum components and vacuum components can be line of transmission mechanism, its characteristics is described in the vacuum components including encircled the vacuum components connected to the transmission mechanism and in them the aluminum plate, located above the heating plate and the back-end and back-end connect the vacuum plate, aluminum plate aluminum plate and vacuum plate between the vacuum bag and circle the airbag and air sealing plate of vacuum components connected to the external gas path through a vacuum generator, Air – cooled Roots screw pump vacuum unit can be installed on the frame of the guide slide.

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