How to purchase vacuum pump?

How to choose a vacuum pump: main parameters * vacuum degree * pumping speed * application process, etc. Let’s look at the top ten traps to pay attention to when buying a vacuum pump:

How to purchase vacuum pump?

Ten traps for buying a vacuum pump

Vacuum pumps are used in various industrial fields. The vacuum span is very large and the process difference is very large. Therefore, when selecting and purchasing, common mistakes and traps are:

*Vacuum degree, the higher the degree of vacuum is not the better, the most important thing is suitable.

*The type selection is inappropriate. Oil pumps should be used instead of oil pumps. Conventional pumps should be used instead of corrosion-resistant ones. This will cause the pump to be easily damaged, or the maintenance cost will be extremely high.

*Vacuum pump set, the matching coefficients of various pumps do not match, resulting in waste or performance failure

*Does not match the use environment of the vacuum pump. For example, water-cooled pumps cannot be used in high-cold areas; oil pumps cannot be used in clean processes.

*The process is not suitable, the principle and application process of the vacuum pump are relatively influential, and the pump often needs maintenance

*The pumping speed is not appropriate, choose a larger or smaller one

*Inappropriate material

*No process protection, the pump itself cannot solve all problems, and related supporting products are needed to provide protection

*Improper installation

* Operators are not properly trained

Ten traps for buying a vacuum pump

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