water ring vacuum pump load of motor not stable

In the process of using the vacuum pump, have we ever encountered a situation that suddenly felt that the temperature of the motor was very high and the load of the motor was unstable? At this time, we need to check one by one to eliminate and see where the problem is.

Reasons for high temperature of water ring vacuum pump motor:

1. The motor has high power, large working current and large heat output.

2. Fan speed is low, wind pressure, air volume is small.

3. The number of fan blades is small and the air volume produced is small.

4. The motor is attached with dust and oil, which reduces the heat dissipation capacity.

5. The voltage of the bus where the vacuum pump motor is located is 380V. Due to the uneven voltage drop and load distribution of the cable, the actual voltage applied to the motor is only 365v, and the low voltage results in high operating current.


Measures to solve the high temperature of water ring vacuum pump motor:

Motor power and speed are matched with SK vacuum pump and cannot be changed. The fan is installed on the main shaft of the motor, and the speed of the motor determines the speed of the fan, which can not be replaced. Although increasing the number of fan blades can play a certain role, it is not easy to find the dynamic balance when the number of blades increases. If the alignment is not good, it will cause the increase of motor vibration.

1. The original fan cover is lengthened by 40 cm, and an axial flow fan with the same diameter as the fan cover is installed inside. The motor power of the axial flow fan is 850W, the rotating speed is 1489r / min, and the voltage is 380V. Keep the original fan. The axial flow fan is set with another power control, and the axial flow fan is not interlocked with the main motor. After the vacuum pump is started, the axial-flow fan shall be started in time for operation. After the vacuum pump is stopped, the axial-flow fan shall be stopped 30 minutes to make the main motor fully cooled.

2. Clean the dust on the motor regularly, keep the heat sink clean and increase its heat dissipation capacity.

3. Adjust the bus voltage of the vacuum pump to 400V.

4. After the voltage adjustment, the operating current of the vacuum pump is reduced to 210a, and the heat output is relatively reduced.

5. The insulation aging speed of the main motor is slowed down and its service life is prolonged.

When using, there are many unexpected problems. We can adjust our vacuum pump according to the instructions here. After using, don’t forget to maintain the vacuum pump regularly.

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