Application of roots -diffusion pump system in vacuum coating industry

Vacuum coating principle refers to a certain metal or metal compound gas deposition on the specified material surface in vacuum environment, forming a coating, so called vacuum coating.

Vacuum coating can be subdivided into evaporation coating, sputtering coating, ion coating and so on. The materials used also evolved from simple metals into a variety of high purity oxides, high purity metals, mixtures and other compounds.

So the raw materials of coating are various, the most common are plastics, paper, ceramics, wood and so on, which are widely used in automobiles, household appliances, daily necessities, process decoration and so on. Many materials outside surface are rough and unsightly. After coating, the wear resistance, aesthetics and application range of the surface can be greatly increased. With the rapid development of technology, vacuum coating technology will be more and more used in our daily life.

What is the role of roots -diffusion pump system in vacuum coating?

Roots -diffusion pump system is an essential part of vacuum coating. because vacuum coating is necessary in the vacuum environment to complete the process, so vacuum pump is essential. When the coating is evaporated into molecules or atoms, it is the most primitive linear motion in a vacuum environment. When the coating material meets the specified material, it will deposit on the specified material, forming a coating.

When the vacuum pumping is not clean, there are still air molecules, air molecules encounter the coating atoms will occur oxidation reaction, resulting in impurities in the coating material, often will organize the deposition of the coating material, so it can not be coated. It can be seen that the roots -diffusion pump system is essential in the coating process, but also is the guarantee of perfect quality, so that the production of the coating products will be perfect. At present, roots -diffusion pump system occupies a leading position in the vacuum coating industry.

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