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About the vacuum coating equipments
Vacuum plays a decisive part in many coating operations in which metals, plastics or glass are deposited in vapor form. In many cases these processes would not be possible without vacuum. A medium or high vacuum is applied to the chamber for its evacuation at the start of the process, after which reaction gases are extracted or solid raw materials vapourised.

All these processes will be realized by vacuum coating machines. Usually vacuum coating machine can be divided into below four parts:
1.Vacuum chamber – vacuum main body
Vacuum chamber is made of by stainless steel material with rust-proof and firm. Each of its parts connects to the vacuum pumps via joint valves.
2.Vacuum Systems – auxiliary exhaust system
This system is the important parts for vacuum coating equipment; it is mainly including mechanical pumps + booster pumps (roots vacuum pumps) + oil diffusion pumps.

Mechanical pumps also called pre-vacuum pumps, such as: piston vacuum pumps, rotary vane vacuum pumps, reciprocating vacuum pumps., etc. Mechanical pumps working principal is used to keep the sealing effect with mechanical methods to change the chamber volume, which resulted in the gases expanding continually in the volume of container, then obtain the vacuum degree.

Booster pumps also called roots pumps. As its working principal is similar with roots blower, so it’s called roots vacuum pumps. The pump cannot be separate used, it must be used as boosters combined with a backing pumps such as the mechanical pumps.
For high vacuum applications we offer Turbo molecular vacuum pumpsand oil diffusion vacuum pumps, which in combination with a fore pump may be configured to suit the coating process precisely.

Oil diffusion pumps have high pumping speed,its working pressure from 10-2 Pa to 10-5 Pa and easy operation with long service life.
3.Vacuum coating systems – evaporation systems
Evaporation system is mainly referring to the film forming device. Such as: Resistance heating, Electron gun evaporation, Radio-frequency sputtering, Ion plating.,etc.

Our EVP Vacuum technology can be widely used in below coating processes:
Evaporation vacuum coating
Vacuum sputter coating
Physical Vapor Deposition (PVD)
Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD)
Plasma Enhanced Deposition vacuum coating
Metallization vacuum coating
4.Control systems
The control systems have three parts: Control cabinet, transformer and control console.

All these processes have a common requirement: a completely reliable medium or high vacuum in the chamber that precisely matches the coating process. Such coating operations are carried out to alter the surface characteristics of the material, such as hardness or resistance to corrosion. Vacuum coating may also be used to improve the adhesive or wetting qualities of the material, or to make surfaces permanently hydrophobic or hydrophilic.

Our vacuum systems are delivered with made-to-measure components for all types of vacuum-based coating processes.

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