Application of Rotary Vane Vacuum Pump in Central Vacuum Suction System of Stomatology

In the hospital stomatology department or the teeth cleaning business, rotary vane vacuum pump is widely used, especially single-stage rotary vane pump.

Surgical instruments in those places are not only water-jet, but also spurs or scrapers generate spatters at high speeds or high-frequency vibrations, such as solid calculus, teeth, pulp tissue, and food residue, etc., the liquid mainly contains blood, pus, saliva, and contaminated water mist, and the air is accompanied by bacterial aerosols and dust. If the above substances are not pumped on site, the environment in which the patient and the physician are located will be very harsh. Shanghai EVP Vacuum’s SV series rotary vane vacuum pump solves this problem well, ensuring the doctor’s aseptic operation, reducing cross infection and keeping indoor air fresh.

SV rotary vane pumps

SV series single-stage rotary vane pump, its ultimate vacuum can reach 200 Pascal (SV-010~SV-025: 150Pa, SV-040~SV-300: 50 Pa, SV-630~SV-750: 10 Pa), can basically meet the vacuum requirements of the dental department. If you want to achieve a higher vacuum, you can use the rotary vane pump with a Roots pump.

Compared to other vacuum pumps, rotary vane vacuum pumps have the following distinct advantages:
1. Easy to use, easy to install and maintain;
2. With a gas ballast valve, a small amount of water vapor can be removed;
3. The ultimate vacuum is high;
4. Built-in forced oil, full lubrication, reliable performance;
5. With automatic anti-return oil double safety device;
6. No oil leakage, no oil injection, no pollution to the working environment;
7. The price is relatively low, saving costs

Our SV rotary vane pumps are widely used in hospitals and aesthetics, not only for single pumps, but also for CVS systems. The so-called CVS system is combined by several SV rotary vane vacuum pump plus a vacuum tank with the necessary vacuum accessories, such as vacuum gauges, filters, control cabinets, etc. At the following, our company recently exported to Russian a CVS system. It consists of two SV-100s with a 600L vacuum tank. The two control cabinets control two vacuum pumps.

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Edited by: Emily Fu / Shanghai EVP Vacuum Technology Co., Ltd.

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