Application of vacuum pump in natural gas treatment process

In natural gas production, some processes are usually carried out at less than one atmosphere. The vacuum pump is a kind of mechanical equipment that can obtain an absolute pressure below atmospheric pressure.

According to the structure, there are many types of vacuum pump, and the following are some common descriptions in production.

(1) reciprocating vacuum pump

The working principle of reciprocating vacuum pump and knot ditch and reciprocating compressor are similar, just valve used in lighter, smaller clearance, generally for the single stage, suction pressure of a gas is far lower than the local atmospheric pressure at that time.

Reciprocating vacuum pump is dry type. The code name of domestic reciprocating vacuum pump is W, now there are five main specifications of W1 to W5, which have been widely used.

(2) the injection pump

Jet pump is the use of fluid flow, static pressure can be converted into kinetic energy to pump fluid. It can be used to send liquid absorption can also be used to send gas absorption, in production used to produce vacuum evaporation and distillation system, so it is also called the jet vacuum pump.

water ring vacuum pump

(3) water ring vacuum pump

The water ring vacuum pump is a wet vacuum pump, which can get 85% vacuum degree. Pump of simple and compact structure, no valve, can be set up or move the motor linkage. The domestic water ring vacuum pump series, code-named sz. This kind of vacuum pump used to pump air and non-corrosive, insoluble in water and gas containing no solid particles.


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