Liquid ring pump of Lime mud and filter/filtration

Vacuum pump and filtration of lime mud liquid ring in paper mill. Application of solid – liquid separation filter in concentrated slurry and coal supplier type.

Liquid ring pump brief introduction

Single stage and single function structure is adopted, which is simple in structure, convenient in maintenance, reliable in operation, high in efficiency and energy saving. It can be applied to severe working conditions such as large water volume. They are usually used to pump gas without solid particles, undissolved and in the form of vacuum and pressure closed containers without corrosive gases. By changing the structural materials, they can also be used to pump corrosive gases or use corrosive liquids as working fluids.

The unit consists of various components, forming a compact unit with the best functional range. The liquid ring vacuum pump used in these systems adopts a single-stage design, with simple and solid structure. These vacuum units are manufactured in standard versions with heat exchangers to minimize service fluid consumption.

Liquid ring vacuum pump is a kind of general machinery which uses water as energy transfer medium to pump gas.

It has the advantages of large flow, compact structure, isothermal compression and so on. It is widely used in the fields of petroleum, coal mine, chemical industry, medicine and metallurgy. In normal operation, the flow in the liquid ring pump is a complex gas-liquid two-phase flow with a free interface, and the flow in the pump cavity and impeller is a non through flow. There is a large loss of vortices, resulting in low efficiency of the pump. In addition, due to the limitation of the working medium gasification pressure, cavitation is easy to occur in the liquid ring vacuum pump. In recent years, with the development of the application field of liquid ring pump, the research on its complex internal flow and performance optimization has gradually attracted the attention of researchers at home and abroad.

Customers can choose the type and model of vacuum pump according to their own needs.

Liquid ring pump of Lime mud and filter/filtration

Liquid ring pump of Lime mud and filter/filtration

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