Asian (Pakistan) Paper and Life Paper Fair 2019

Exhibition time: 12-14 March 2019
Exhibition address: Karachi, Pakistan
ECG Exhibition Group of Pakistan
Beijing Zhongzhan Huateng International Exhibition Co., Ltd.

Organizers: ECG Pakistani Exhibition Group is a large professional exhibition company in Pakistan. More than 90% of the exhibitions in Pakistan are held by ECG Exhibition Group. The company also has an online database of Pakistani enterprises and a reference book publisher of the company’s rhubarb pages (Alibaba, Pakistan), which has a very wide influence in the industry.

Introduction to the exhibition:
The exhibition has passed the UFI certification of the International Exhibition Federation. The Asia (Pakistan) Paper and Toilet Paper Fair will be held in Karachi, Pakistan, on April 12, 2019. This exhibition will be held for the first time in Pakistan. It is also the only Pakistani exhibition focusing on papermaking, paper for daily use and paper packaging. It is a very effective and fruitful exchange platform for the world’s top paper and toilet paper producers. It is a good opportunity for buyers to build business on the platform and find the desired products at the exhibition. At the same time, they can get the latest information at the exhibition to keep up with the world’s trends and trends.
Paper consumption in Pakistan is growing rapidly every year due to the rapid growth of population and the improvement of living standards. At present, the consumption of domestic paper in the world has increased by 4.9% annually, and the growth rate in Pakistan is higher than the average.

Background of the exhibition:
Pakistan is a developing country, because its paper industry is rather weak, the raw materials of paper industry mainly rely on imports from other Asian countries such as China, Indonesia, Japan and Thailand. The strategic plan of “one belt and one road” has special significance for China’s paper industry. China is the world’s largest papermaking country, with serious overcapacity and fierce competition, it urgently needs to “go out” to find new market opportunities.
Pakistani enterprises lack papermaking equipment and technicians. China is not only the country that invented papermaking technology, but also the world’s largest papermaking capacity. There is broad space for cooperation between the two countries in the papermaking industry. The strategy of “one belt and one road” has special significance for China’s paper industry. Today, the strategic plan of “one belt and one road” will come into being. With the background of national strategy, China’s papermaking enterprises will usher in new overseas business opportunities.

Registration and contact information:
Exhibitors fill in the registration form and send it to our company. Our company arranges the booth in priority according to the order of registration. After the two sides agree on the location, we sign a formal contract and pay the deposit for our exhibition.

Contact information:

Tel: 13916614261

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