Cast Iron Vacuum Pump

Product description
ISO 9000:2008 certified company; we play an important role in the production and export of cast iron two-stage vacuum pumps. Under the strict supervision of our professional quality analyzer, these pumps undergo various quality tests to ensure excellent quality and perfect performance.These pumps are produced in accordance with current industry standards and are widely used in the paper, cement, food and oil industries.Our two-stage cast iron vacuum pump has the characteristics of convenient installation, rust prevention and high durability.
When operating or designing a vacuum pump, it is necessary to understand how the vacuum pump works.The pump is divided into main pump and auxiliary pump or booster pump.The pressure range varies according to pump type and pump type; Each stress range has a unique improvement. In addition, each vacuum pump classification has many advantages in terms of pressure limitation, processing requirements, cost and flow rate.Despite the outline, the basic working rules are similar.Our two-stage cast iron vacuum pump works by discharging particles of air and different gases into the vacuum chamber.When the pressure in the cavity decreases, the discharge of additional particles becomes exponential.Subsequently, the mechanical vacuum system works in a wide pressure range.
Then you can divide the unique pump into:
Back pressure pump or main pump: low pressure and crude vacuum pressure range
High vacuum or secondary pump, ultra-high vacuum pressure range
Two advances in using our vacuum pumps are gas capture and gas transfer.The conveying pump exchanges gas particles through positive displacement or momentum.The same number of gas particles are released during the penetration process, and then the gas discharge is slightly higher than the ambient pressure.The ratio of flue gas pressure to minimum pressure (delta) obtained is called pressure ratio. The power pump operates in a standard way by controlling the momentum transfer of gas towards the pump outlet to provide the possibility for atoms to move towards pressure using a fast cutting edge or presenting steam.It usually does not have a sealed volume, but at least an increased compression ratio can be obtained.
Types of pumps
Unique pump advancement is considered to be a dry or wet pump, regardless of whether the gas is transported to water or oil during the pumping process.The wet pump profile uses water or oil to lubricate grease and seal, as well as liquids to reduce the removal of(pump) gas. Dry pumps do not have liquids in the clearance volume, and depend on the closure gap between the static and rotary pump components, diaphragm or polymer (PTFE) seals to isolate the pumping components from the cleared gas.Although dry pumps can use grease or oil in their bearings and gears, they can be fixed from the purged gas.Compared with wet pump, it reduces the risk of system pollution and oil transportation.Our vacuum pumps don‘t effortlessly change from wet to dry, mainly from wet to dry. Pipelines and chambers can be reduced by damper pumps and should be completely replaced or cleaned; otherwise, they will contaminate natural gas in future missions.

Cast Iron Vacuum Pump

Product Specification:

Model Motorspeed Motor power Max. suction capacity Min. inlet pressure Inlet&outlet port
kw HP m3/h CFM mbar Inch Hg a mm
DLV-120 1450 4.0 5.4 145 85 33 1.0 DN40
1750 5.5 7.4 174 102 33 1.0
DLV-180 1450 5.5 7.4 186 109 33 1.0 DN40
1750 7.5 10.1 223 131 33 1.0
DLV-300 1450 7.5 10.1 283 167 33 1.0 DN50
1750 11.0 14.8 314 185 33 1.0
DLV-350 1450 11.0 14.8 342 201 33 1.0 DN50
1750 15.0 20.1 411 242 33 1.0
DLV-400 1450 15.0 20.1 425 250 33 1.0 DN50
1750 18.5 24.8 475 280 33 1.0
DLV-500 1450 18.5 24.8 501 294 33 1.0 DN65
1750 22 29.7 590 347 33 1.0
DLV600 1450 22 29.7 616 362 33 1.0 DN65
1750 30 40.5 739 434 33 1.0
DLV800 1450 30 40.5 862 507 33 1.0 DN100
1750 37 50 1032 607 33 1.0
DLV1200 1450 37 50 1252 736 33 1.0 DN100
1750 45 60 1407 1407 33 1.0
DLV1600 1450 45 60 1589 935 33 1.0 DN100
1750 75 101 1717 1010 33 1.0


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