oil-free vacuum pump system

Oil-free vacuum pump system of improvement method

With the rapid development of vacuum pump technology, the original vacuum equipment and vacuum process system can not meet the new requirements of energy saving, high efficiency and environmental protection, especially the recovery of process solvent.

oil-free vacuum pump system

Comparison with water ring vacuum pump

1. The limit vacuum is 3300pa, and the vacuum degree of oil-free vacuum pump is higher, reaching 1pA. Many water ring roots units can be replaced by only one dry screw pump.

2. As a sealing material, water has a certain consumption. In most areas of northern China, the content of calcium and magnesium ions (usually in the situation of calcium bicarbonate / magnesium and calcium carbonate / magnesium, commonly known as temporary hardness and permanent hardness) in tap water is relatively high, and the vacuum pump is easy to scale. Dry screw vacuum pump does not need water to form vacuum.

3. The continuous working temperature rise is relatively high, and when the temperature of vacuum pump rises, the vacuum degree will decrease correspondingly. In order to solve the problem of temperature rise, the refrigeration unit needs to be installed in the system to cool the circulating water, which first leads to the increase of equipment cost and power consumption, and the vacuum degree of dry screw vacuum pump is stable and not affected by external conditions.

Compared with oil type mechanical pump (vane pump, slide valve pump)

1. The limit vacuum of rotary vane and slide valve pump is high, which can reach 0.1pA generally. If the process limit vacuum requirement is high, dry screw vacuum pump can be used in series with one stage roots pump to achieve this vacuum.

2. The oil type mechanical pump can not pump the medium with large water vapor and corrosive, otherwise the oil is easy to emulsify and deteriorate, affecting the vacuum and service life.

3. The oil type mechanical pump cannot pump the medium containing dust, otherwise it will cause pump wear. Due to the friction operation of the mechanical pump, timely suction of clean gas medium, after many years of operation, the clearance of various aspects increases, and the limit vacuum will decrease.

4. The noise of oil pump, the emission of lampblack and the consumption of vacuum oil do not meet the requirements of environmental protection and energy saving.

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