CL 703 Vacuum Pump

CL703 conical vacuum pump is developed on the basis of many liquid ring vacuum pumps. It is a single stage vacuum pump with traditional conical port design. It is very popular in paper industry and sugar industry. CL703 vacuum pump can be used as vacuum pump and compressor.

CL conical vacuum pump can be used as vacuum pump and compressor. When used as a vacuum compressor, the maximum discharge pressure is 2.5 barA.

All our cast iron pump shafts are made entirely of stainless steel SS420 shafts. Its performance is more reliable and avoids any shaft damage during heavy operation.

In order to meet the different site installation requirements of customers, we provide ISO metric and ANSI flange connection. All our CL703 vacuum pumps have been tested for 100% performance before they leave the factory.


CL vacuum pumps main types:

CL700 Series Conical Vacuum Pumps: CL701, CL702, CL703

CL1000 Series Conical Vacuum Pumps: CL1001, CL1002, CL1003

CL2000 Series Conical Vacuum Pumps: CL2001, CL2002, CL2003

CL3000 Series Conical Vacuum Pumps: CL3001, CL3002, CL3003

CL4000 Series Conical Vacuum Pumps: CL4001, CL4002, CL4003

CL 703 Vacuum Pump Materials:

Cast iron, carbon steel, SS304, SS316L, cast iron with stainless steel flow parts, cast iron with stainless steel or ceramic coating.

CL 703 vacuum pump adopts tapered port and rotor structure, which is reliable and efficient. The tapered port design allows compression force to offset the weight of rotor and shaft to help reduce the load of bearing during operation.

CL 703 vacuum pump design features:

1. In the presence of solids, blade purging can be selected to minimize the damage caused by corrosion.

2. High liquid carrying tolerance

3. Side row to reduce the possibility of flooding start-up

We have many years of experience in producing vacuum pumps, and we know how to design durable pumps and compressors. Therefore, our classic CL 703 liquid ring vacuum pump and compressor have been favored by users.

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