Screw vacuum pump is completely oil-free

Oil free dry screw vacuum pump and its working principle

Oil – free dry screw vacuum pump is a high – tech product, which is the renewal of traditional vacuum pump

At present, the development of various vacuum pumps is more and more affected by vacuum applications. The general vacuum system can not meet the requirements of clean, oil-free and corrosion-resistant. Therefore, the oil-free dry screw vacuum pump has been upgraded The core part, screw rotor, adopts three-dimensional curved surface mathematical model design, solution, dynamic balance, simulation dynamic analysis and so on. After the model entity is processed on the multi axis coordinate linkage numerical control equipment and tested by the multi axis sit detector, the accuracy is high, the quality is reliable, and the performance is stable, ensuring the long-term trouble free operation of the product.

The product quality and price are highly competitive in the market, and it can replace the imported products in a large range. The market demand is large. It will comprehensively replace the vacuum equipment with low technical content in more than 100 fields, such as chemical industry, metallurgy, electronics, petroleum, aerospace, tools, papermaking, packaging, food, medicine, medical equipment, and information engineering, bioengineering, microelectronics, etc.

Oil free dry screw vacuum pump solves environmental problems

Why does the oil-free dry screw vacuum pump solve the problem of environmental protection? In short, compared with oil-free dry screw vacuum pump, the extracted gas will not be mixed with oil and gas, and a clean vacuum environment can be obtained. In addition, if the extracted gas is corrosive to the oil, or contains a large amount of water and other substances that can damage the oil, the oil vacuum pump cannot be used. Because there is oil in the vacuum pump oil is generally used to lubricate and seal. If the oil is corroded or emulsified, the oil vacuum pump can not operate normally.

As one of the essential equipment in the field of vacuum equipment, oil-free dry screw vacuum pump has different market demand for vacuum pump equipment in many fields closely related to people’s life, such as electric power, petroleum, pharmaceutical, food, etc. under such huge demand, China’s vacuum pump enterprises have been constantly adjusting the industrial structure in order to meet the needs of various fields At the same time, it can also improve the technology of the whole vacuum pump.

By analyzing the development of vacuum pump in recent years, it is found that there is no large pump group which can represent the whole vacuum pump industry market. Not only that, with the increasing demand of domestic vacuum pump market, foreign advanced enterprises have built factories in China, and with strong technical strength, they share the “share” with domestic vacuum pump enterprises. The improvement of competitiveness makes domestic vacuum pump enterprises pay more attention to the technology improvement of their own brand of vacuum pump equipment. For a long time, in order to meet the different needs of various industries to a greater extent, China’s vacuum pump enterprises produce vacuum pump equipment in large quantities, but in this development process, it is easy to ignore the improvement of equipment quality and technology. However, the quality of foreign vacuum equipment is generally too hard, and the high-end demand can easily be met, which is exactly the most lacking of China’s vacuum pump enterprises Lack of advantage.

Screw vacuum pump is completely oil-free

Screw vacuum pump is completely oil-free

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