Count the emergency shutdown of vacuum unit

In the process of using the equipment, it is inevitable to encounter some emergencies that need to stop working. At this time, many users will lose discretion if they have no experience and do not know how to deal with them, which may bring some problems to the equipment. In order to better handle it, let’s take the vacuum unit as an example to introduce the handling in case of emergency.

Count the emergency shutdown of vacuum unit

1. Power failure: in case of planned power failure, operate according to the normal shutdown steps of the vacuum unit, notify the shift leader before shutdown, and make shutdown records. In case of sudden power failure, close the outlet valve of each water pump, press the stop button and inform the shift leader. In case of sudden power failure of a single machine, first start the standby pump according to the start-up steps, then press the stop button for shutdown, close the outlet valve, notify the team leader and make records.

2. Cut off water supply: in case of cut-off of make-up water, inform the shift leader first, obtain consent, properly close the outlet valve of the pump, reduce the pressure of the main pipe and maintain production. If the production cannot be maintained, the operation of the pump shall be stopped with the consent of the shift leader, and records shall be made.

3. Fire: if the motor is on fire or the cable head is on fire, immediately press the stop button of the vacuum unit, cut off the power supply and close the outlet valve. Put out the fire with carbon dioxide and dry powder fire extinguishers. At the same time, start the standby pump, notify the team leader and make records.

4. Equipment emergency: the motor current suddenly increases or decreases (exceeding the rated value), the motor water pump has obvious abnormal sound or large vibration, the shaft is broken, the water outlet pipeline of the water pump is broken and a large amount of water leakage, etc. the operation shall be stopped immediately, the outlet valve shall be closed, the standby pump shall be started, the shift leader shall be notified and records shall be made.

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