cow milk vacuum pump

milking machine for cow milk vacuum pump of introduction

The cow milk vacuum pump is used in the portable cow milking machine, which is an important equipment in the dairy industry nowadays. Personal use is also becoming more common. Milking machine by vacuum pump, milk stirrer, electric motor, milk bucket and so on. Electric motors can be used by electric motors, diesel motors and gasoline motors.

Cow milk vacuum pump milking machine product features

1. The advanced double vacuum milking system (optional equipment) simulates the feeding of a calf with a low vacuum (42-45kpa) nipple to make the cow in the best condition and complete the whole milking process; Milking is particularly high vacuum (60Kpa), timely and quickly pumping into the milk pipeline, effectively ensuring the stability of milking system pressure.
2. Effectively control the milk pulsation before lactation of cows, compared with the technology that meets the physiological characteristics of the pulsation than the technology frontier, the breast area of the breast is larger, the pulsation of the breast is larger (generally the area of the breast is 15% more than the area of the breast before); Four milking times were completed in the breast area at the same time, effectively avoiding air from milking and reducing the incidence of mastitis.
3. Prevent crowding and early sitting of the fully transparent milk cup holder collected from the design, so that it can intuitively judge whether there is premature phenomenon of over-milking and cup dropping;
4. The unique automatic cup removing system (optional equipment) is equipped with the built-in vacuum cut-off valve in the milk seat. The automatic cup removing is free of vacuum residue and will not generate the tension of the nipple.
5. The advanced air purification mixed feeding device can impact the whole column, form a runner, scrub the whole pipeline, effectively improve the quality of milk.
6. Troublesome u-shaped pipe design of u-shaped connection pipe, so that the entire milk collection device cleaning process will not leave a clean corner, to ensure the quality of milk.
7. Pasture management software (optional configuration) automatic accurate measurement equipment, and permanent data storage by computers.
Integrated management of machine and machine integrates people, machine and machine organically through our hardware and software to achieve maximum efficiency.

Water ring vacuum pump for cow milk vacuum pump.

cow milk vacuum pump

2bv water ring vacuum pump main features of vacuum pump:

Closed design, easy installation, save space.
Bearings all use NTN or NSK brand imported products
All standard seals are John crane mechanical seals, which eliminate leaks and are easy to maintain
The 2BV series has cavitation protection ports. When they operate in near-extreme vacuum conditions, cavitation protection ports are opened (or connected to a separator) to eliminate screaming and thus protect the pump.
Aluminum bronze impeller has high strength and abrasion resistance. It can improve the corrosion resistance of the pump. If the liquid flowing part is made of stainless steel, the pump may be used under more stringent conditions.
The unique design of the outlet protects the pump from overpressure to ensure optimum efficiency within the operating range of the 2BV vacuum pump.
All motors adopt Y2 series products. Protection grade IP54 or IP55 (IP44 standard) and insulation grade F (B standard).
The 2BV water ring vacuum pump can realize all PTFE flexible seals, which can greatly extend the working life under higher requirements
Smooth operation, noise can be as low as 62 db.

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