Distillation recovery pump

Vacuum pump is the necessary equipment for distillation recovery. Traditional distillation recovery needs manual operation. To solve this problem, EVP vacuum pump provides a distillation recovery pump which can be used in distillation recovery.

What is distillation?

Distillation is the operation of separating or purifying components by using different boiling points of components in mixed liquids. Trichloroethylene is often used as solvent in practical production, but trichloroethylene is toxic. After production, in order to reduce environmental pollution and save use, trichloroethylene solvent is usually recycled by secondary distillation. The existing circulating distillation machines usually use the method of directly heating the solvent in the heated container, and after each distillation is completed, the solvent to be distilled is added artificially for further distillation. In this way, workers need to keep an eye on the liquid level in the heating vessel. When it is found that the liquid level is low, they add liquid to the heating vessel manually. This method not only has a large workload, but also has a low working efficiency. When distilling toxic liquids such as trichloroethylene, the process of adding liquids will seriously affect the health of workers.

Traditional distillation recovery equipment uses direct heating distillation. In the process of recovery, heaters placed at the bottom of distillation tank often burn out due to excessive impurities and dirt attached to the surface, resulting in high maintenance cost and frequent periodic maintenance. In order to avoid the drying of heated containers in the distillation process, it is necessary to retain a certain liquid level difference, so that the liquid can not be distilled completely.


In view of the shortcomings of the above existing technologies, the purpose of this paper is to provide a distillation recovery equipment, which can realize the maximum distillation of liquid without retaining a certain level height.

The matters needing attention of special vacuum pump for distillation recovery are related to the selection of vacuum pump, the size of reactor, the size of refrigeration tank, the size of condenser, the heating temperature and the actual working pressure of vacuum pump.

Chemical plants need to vacuum 7m reactor, and then recover the mixture of ammonia gas and steam, namely ammonia water. The recovery tank is 7m, the heat exchanger area is 15m2, and the heating temperature is 60 degrees. What kind of distillation recovery pump should be selected to evaporate about 1-2 tons of material in 4 hours?

First of all, we need to determine the saturated vapor pressure of the material. By looking at the data and practical application, we know that if the heating temperature is about 60 degrees, the vacuum degree needs to be pumped up to about 10,000 Pa (-0.09MPa), then the material can be distilled. Therefore, there is condensable gas in the reaction, so the distillation recovery pump is the best choice.

The vacuum pump used in distillation recovery can realize the complete distillation of liquid, and ensure the distillation recovery effect is good. This new type of distillation recovery method uses indirect heating method to distill the liquid to be recovered and recover trichloroethylene. This indirect heating method avoids the damage caused by excessive impurities in the heater, and does not need to retain a certain liquid level difference to realize the complete distillation of the liquid in the distillation tank. The liquid in the distillation tank can reach the distillation temperature by using the temperature conduction of the heat conducting medium in the heating tank, so that the liquid in the distillation tank can be kept in a constant temperature state and the phenomenon of over-boiling and uneven heating caused by direct heating can be avoided.

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