Dry claw vacuum pumps

Dry claw vacuum pumps have been around for some time and offer non-contact and dry suction chambers with amazing performance and power efficiency. Dry claw pumps have many advantages in vacuum applications and provide efficient, pollution-free solutions, and in many cases challenge alternative technologies such as dry vane pumps.

what is dry claw vacuum pump?

Dry claw vacuum pump of advantages:

High vacuum, strong pumping capacity, higher pumping speed and vacuum than other vacuum pumps.
The working energy consumption is low, which is 20% – 60% lower than other pumps.
It has strong adaptability to working conditions, and can extract liquid drops and gas containing a small amount of dust. Corrosive gas can be removed after matching materials.
High safety, no contact wear in the internal design, no pollution of materials, no spark inside, and superior explosion-proof performance.
Low maintenance cost, average trouble free working cycle of 2 years, high machining accuracy.
Low noise, no impact on working environment.
Good environmental protection, no industrial wastewater, greatly reducing the cost of environmental protection.
It has good sealing performance and adopts composite sealing technology without leakage.
Compact structure, small space occupation and low installation cost.
Convenient maintenance, advanced modular design, simple and convenient maintenance.
The solvent can be recovered, and the important chemical solvent can be recovered by the condenser at the exhaust port.

Dry claw vacuum pump of special advantages

Dry claw vacuum pump of special advantages:

1. All parts in the pump have no friction with each other. The overflow parts (diaphragm and rotor) are made of 316L stainless steel (the surface can be treated with Teflon PTFE or nano nickel infiltration according to customer requirements), and the service life is more than 20 years. The vulnerable parts of the pump are only bearings and seals;

2. The key technology of pump is sealing. The compound seal composed of mechanical seal and nitrogen seal of claw pump in our company has longer service life and more reliable. Other manufacturers in the market mostly use the composite seal composed of framework oil seal and piston ring. Skeleton oil seal is not suitable for large claw pump (for example, the shaft diameter of 200L / s claw pump is 70mm, the linear speed is 11m / s, which is far greater than the designed linear speed of framework oil seal of 6m / s, and the service life is less than three months). Once the oil seal is damaged, the whole machine must be disassembled for maintenance, which directly affects the service life of the whole pump. The mechanical seal adopted by our company can be used in high-speed and large-scale vacuum pump. At present, the maximum pumping capacity of our claw pump is 1450m3 / h, with stable performance. Under the same working conditions, the product performance has exceeded that of imported products. No maintenance is required for two years.

3. Our company’s claw pump bearings are all lubricated with lubricating oil in the oil tank, with good lubrication, low bearing temperature and long service life, and the oil level can be clearly seen. After the oil is reduced, it can be added or replaced in time. The bearings of other manufacturers on the market are lubricated with grease. The temperature of the bearing in the grease is high, and the bearing is easy to be damaged. Once the bearing is damaged, the whole machine must be disassembled for maintenance, which affects the service life of the whole pump.

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