Dry mechanical vacuum pump application

In terms of dry mechanical vacuum pump, it is mainly used in the semiconductor industry and its chemical industry, and also in the film industry, which in fact has been applied and developed. As far as the foreign market of dry vacuum pump is concerned, it will be in a booming stage.

First of all, we should pay attention to the fact that the dry mechanical vacuum pump is actually the polysilicon preparation process that will be applied in the low-pressure chemical vapor deposition; secondly, the dry mechanical vacuum pump is actually the semiconductor etching process. In these production processes, corrosive gases and related abrasive particles will be used or generated.

Moreover, in terms of the application of dry mechanical vacuum pump, in addition to the semiconductor process, some processes that generate particles do not want particles to be mixed into the pump oil, and it is hoped that this equipment will be used in addition to the particle discharge pump; in terms of distillation, drying, defoaming and packaging in the chemical industry, pharmaceutical industry or food industry, attention should be paid to prevent organic dissolution It is suitable for dry vacuum pump.


Then, that is to say, it should be done before the general oil-free cleaning vacuum system pump, which is to prevent oil pollution.

Moreover, we should pay attention to the comparison of different vacuum pump performance. First of all, we should pay attention to the observation of the vacuum degree. The limit vacuum degree of dry screw vacuum pump, claw vacuum pump and oil-free scroll vacuum pump is relatively high, and the high limit vacuum will reach 1-2pa. Then, we should pay attention to the oil-free reciprocating vacuum The pump is also the crude vacuum equipment. The limit vacuum is relatively low. It needs to be matched with roots vacuum pump to improve the limit vacuum.

As for the oil-free scroll vacuum pump, because of its internal structure, the air extraction is relatively small, which is only applicable to the process of small air extraction; the dry-type screw vacuum pump has a complete model, at this time, it will be more applicable to the process of large air extraction. Next, we should pay attention to the fact that it will cooperate with roots vacuum pump in a large range To meet the needs of different types of customers.

In order to meet the requirements of different working conditions in different application fields, as far as foreign countries are concerned, it will actually have screw vacuum pump and its multi-stage Roots vacuum pump. Next, we will notice that it will actually have multi-stage claw vacuum pump and reciprocating piston vacuum pump. Next, there will be vortex vacuum pump and vortex vacuum pump Wheel type oil-free vacuum pump, etc.

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