Piston vacuum pump in paint

There are many kinds of piston vacuum pump structure, according to the configuration of the cylinder can be divided into vertical, horizontal, angular, symmetrical balanced and opposed. Piston vacuum pump can be divided into single-stage, double-stage and multi-stage according to the tightening stage. Piston vacuum pump can be divided into two types according to the setting mode: movable type and fixed type. According to the control mode, it can be divided into unloading type and pressure switch type. When the pressure of the unloading tank does not stop, it means that the pressure will not stop when the pressure reaches the fixed value. This idling state is called unloading operation. The pressure switch control mode means that when the pressure in the air storage tank reaches the set value, the air compressor automatically stops running. The piston pump is suitable for high pressure and small flow places, especially when the flow rate is less than 100 m3 / h and the discharge pressure is greater than 9.8 MPa, it shows higher efficiency and good operation performance. It has good inhaling performance and can pump liquids with different media and viscosity. Therefore, it is widely used in petrochemical industry, machinery manufacturing industry, papermaking, food processing, pharmaceutical consumption and so on. Low and medium speed piston pump has low speed and can be driven by human and animal power. It is suitable for rural water supply and small irrigation.

Piston vacuum pump in paint

Piston vacuum pump of principle and performance characteristics: it is the principle type of medium transmission with piston vacuum pump. Piston vacuum pump is also a kind of equipment installation that uses cylinder and piston to stop reciprocating motion to generate suction. The difference is that one is to deliver medium and the other is to extract vacuum. Because the working medium of the piston vacuum pump is gas, so when the piston runs to the outer dead center, the stress will exhaust the gas in the cylinder as far as possible, so as to prevent the piston from moving inward due to excessive residual gas. When suction, this local gas shrinks and reduces the suction volume.

Coating is a continuous thin film coated on the surface of the object that is maintained or decorated, and it can be coated with the coating. It is usually a thin thin liquid which is mainly composed of resin, oil or emulsion, added or not added with pigments, fillers, added auxiliaries, and prepared with organic solvents or water. It has four main functions: maintenance, decoration, covering up the defects of products and other special functions, and enhancing the value of products. Why is piston vacuum pump widely used? The piston vacuum pump has the advantages of simple structure, easy operation, easy maintenance and no environmental pollution. In order to use the piston vacuum pump products at ease, and for the sake of safety, we must stop according to the instructions in the operation.

Piston vacuum pump according to the structure of the working process is what, that piston vacuum pump of this structure of the compressor in the exhaust process is always residual volume. In the next inhalation, the compressed air in the remaining volume will lead to contraction. In this way, the amount of air inhaled can be reduced, the efficiency can be reduced, and the tightening work can be effectively increased. In addition, due to the existence of residual volume, the temperature rises sharply when the contraction ratio increases. Therefore, when the output pressure is high, the staged tightening should be adopted. Staged tightening can reduce the exhaust temperature, and in doing so, it can save the work of tightening, improve the volumetric efficiency and increase the exhaust volume of compressed gas.

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