Dry screw vacuum pump operation guide

For the use of vacuum pumps, combined with the production lines of various enterprises, the actual performance ability of products is very conducive to the development of production capacity. Under the effective drive of improving its overall application level, to promote the development and strength performance, it is very capable of improving the application of unit products. Therefore, it is necessary to carry out targeted rationalization of products, while accelerating In the process of improving the manufacturing strength of products, we should actively optimize the products to promote the continuous development of enterprises.

In the face of different quality differences of vacuum pumps in the market, the company takes the production advantage of strength type to increase the promotion of product quality reliability, enhances the overall improvement of product usability in all aspects, takes the production basis as the strength, expands the effective development of its product application, so as to accelerate the improvement of the overall product capacity, do a good job in production management, and strictly control each The production ability of each process can promote the development of products.

To enhance the application performance of vacuum pump, consider the product development optimization based on the user’s use. By increasing the demand for the actual capacity of the product, relying on its continuous development of strength and ability, reflect the advantages of high performance of the unit, and further improve its continuous development.


How to operate the dry screw vacuum pump safely? Today EVP vacuum pump manufacturer shares the safe operation process for you.

1. Preparation before operation

First, the equipment shall be placed in the horizontal, ventilated and dry place, and the suction port of the vacuum unit shall be well connected with the system to be pumped. The sealing must be tight and there shall be no leakage point. Check whether the oil level in the vacuum pump and roots pump and the lubricating oil in the oil cup meet the requirements, and connect the power line and ground wire. Check for other unsafe factors.

2. Start up and operation of operating unit

Turn on the main power switch, and the indicator light of the main power will be on; put the control mode in the manual or automatic position; press the control power button, and the indicator light will be on (the vacuum pump, booster pump and emergency stop button should be reset, otherwise the control power button cannot be turned on). If the yellow indicator light of the power phase sequence error is on, the phase shall be changed. Turn on the vacuum pump circuit breaker, press the vacuum pump control button, the vacuum pump indicator light will be on, and the vacuum pump will operate.

Adjust the delay of booster pump according to the actual situation (through time relay, the adjustment range is 1-6 minutes). Turn on the booster pump circuit breaker, press the booster pump control button, the indicator light of the booster pump will be on, and the booster pump will operate at the same time. The oil level switch is set in the oil well. When the oil well enters the vacuum pump oil or transformer oil, the buzzer on the control panel will automatically alarm and the system will shut down.

3. Shutdown

Close the high vacuum butterfly valve, close the booster pump, close the vacuum pump, press the emergency stop button, and close the main power breaker. When the control mode is switched to the automatic position through the knob on the control panel, the equipment will automatically control the closing and starting of the vacuum pump and the booster pump through the preset control point of the vacuum relay.

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