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EVP continues to innovate in the vacuum pump industry, combining with superb technology, the production of high quality screw vacuum pumps. The screw vacuum pump produced and supplied by vacuum equipment sells well in the country and has been well received by the demand enterprises.

Reasonable price screw vacuum pump, dry vacuum pump manufacturer parameters for reference only, the actual.

With the acceleration of industrialization in China, the demand for vacuum pump is increasing day by day. Due to the different application fields, the vacuum pump body derived a variety of categories, screw pump is one of the popular vacuum pump body. This makes this product has incomparable multiple advantages compared with other similar products. Below we come to a detailed number, screw pump popular market advantage.

Higher cost performance

Compared with similar products, the screw pump through the internal reasonable design, the smooth operation of the pump body, reduce the internal product agitation and eddy current, greatly reduce the wear of the pump body. In addition, in the material selection made of a variety of elastic materials, improve the pump body to high temperature, corrosion capacity, avoid damage to the pump body caused by exposure, strong corrosion, extend the service life of the pump body, to a certain extent, reduce the use cost.

The application scope is wider

Through the use of the environment, demand, way of subdivision, the design and manufacture of a specific G type screw pump, to ensure that it can play the best use effect. At present, the screw pump has been widely used in medical treatment, food, urban construction, agriculture, pharmaceutical and water supply and other livelihood industries, of course, such as chemical, metallurgy, electroplating, electronic chemical, leather industry, waste water management system, waste gas emissions and other industrial fields can be seen everywhere.

Longer life

The problem of service life has always been a serious problem in the development of screw pump industry. Through scientific and technological innovation, the shortcomings of domestic motor life of less than 10 years have been successfully eliminated, and the motor service life has been extended to 10 years or more.

Higher cost performance, wider application range, longer life is the reason for the popular market screw pump, in the future, will continue to forge ahead, produce more popular products.

Dry screw vacuum pump in the maintenance of the work environment must be highly clean, the workbench, parts and used tools must be thoroughly cleaned. After the parts to be installed have passed the cleaning and inspection, they shall be neatly arranged on the worktable, so as to be orderly and not disorderly. The following is to introduce the dry screw vacuum pump maintenance assembly method:

1. In the assembly process, open wrenches, box wrenches, socket wrenches, screwdrivers, wooden molting and various special tools must be used. General tools such as adjustable wrenches and pipe pliers shall not be used.
2, when assembling camshaft, should pay attention to its installation direction. After the tightening bolt of the middle bearing of the camshaft is tightened evenly, the camshaft shall rotate flexibly, and its axial clearance shall be 0, 02-0, 06mm. Be careful not to install the oil seal in the wrong direction.
3. The assembly sequence of the plunger assembly is contrary to the procedure at the time of decomposition. When fitting the plunger sleeve into the flange sleeve, it should be noted that the positioning slot on the plunger sleeve and the positioning pin hole should be aligned. After pressing the pin, the plunger sleeve should be able to move up and down 1-2.
4. After the plunger control sleeve is installed, it should be paid attention to make the steel ball fully enter the groove of the oil supply control rod. After the installation, the left and right movement of the oil supply control rod can be checked manually to see whether it is smooth.
5, plunger plunger sleeve, special attention should be paid to make the piston flange piece marked on one side of the dowel pin direction, must not the wrong position, installed after the fuel pump can’t work. After the plunger is loaded into the plunger sleeve, the oil supply control rod should be pulled left and right to check whether it is blocked.
The above is about dry screw vacuum pump maintenance assembly method, I hope to help you. If you want to know more about dry screw vacuum pumps, please stay with us.

Dry screw vacuum pump quotation

Dry screw vacuum pump quotation

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