High speed rotary vane vacuum pump

High speed rotary vane vacuum pump is a kind of basic equipment for extracting gas from sealed vessel. It can be used alone, also can be used for booster pump, diffusion pump, pre pump of molecular pump, maintenance pump and titanium pump. It can be used for vacuum drying, freeze-drying, vacuum degassing, vacuum packaging, vacuum adsorption, vacuum forming, coating, food packaging, printing, sputtering, vacuum casting, instrument, instrument matching, refrigerator, air conditioning assembly line and laboratory vacuum operation And supporting use.

The principle structure of this high-speed rotary vane vacuum pump is that it can pump out the dry gas in the sealed container. If it is equipped with a gas ballast device, it can also pump out a certain amount of condensable gas. However, it is not suitable for pumping gases with high oxygen content, corrosive to metals, chemical reaction to pump oil and dust particles.

High speed rotary vane vacuum pump is one of the basic vacuum equipment in vacuum technology. Rotary vane pumps are mostly small and medium-sized pumps. There are two types of rotary vane vacuum pump: single stage and double stage. The so-called two-stage is to connect two single-stage pumps in series in the structure. Generally, it is made of two-stage to obtain a higher vacuum.


High speed rotary vane vacuum pump can also be called oil sealed mechanical vacuum pump, because the clearance between its rotary vane and pump cavity is also sealed by oil.

Although the high-speed rotary vane vacuum pump can not pump out the gas with high oxygen content, it can pump out a certain amount of condensable gas and dry gas in the sealed container, which has chemical reaction to the pump and corrosive effect on the metal.

Its pumping speed is related to the inlet pressure: if the inlet pressure is below 1333pa, 1.33pa and 1.33 × 10-1, the pumping speed can not be lower than 95%, 50% and 20%.

high speed rotary vane vacuum pump application scope:

1. High speed rotary vane vacuum pump is more suitable for vacuum pumping in some closed systems, such as vacuum packaging, vacuum forming, vacuum suction, etc.

2. The inlet pressure range of vacuum pump is 100pa-100000 Pa. if it exceeds this range, there will be oil mist at the exhaust port during operation.

3. It can not be used to pump water or other liquids, and it is also not suitable to pump explosive, flammable, oxygen content is too high, corrosive gas.

4. Generally speaking, the motor of high-speed rotary vane vacuum pump is not explosion-proof. If we have special requirements for explosion-proof, the motor must also meet relevant standards.

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