High-vacuum butterfly valve

Butterfly valve of maintenance measures

The function of butterfly valve is to install it in each pipe to cut off the flow path of medium fluid or liquid, or to adjust the direction of medium. It can be widely used in chemical industry, building materials and other industries. It is a relatively simple control valve. The maintenance measures for butterfly valve include fuse, overheat relay, etc.

There is no absolute and reliable protection measure for butterfly valve, which has advantages and disadvantages. We can only choose one with more advantages and less disadvantages. Or these methods can be arranged and combined to improve the reliability of protection butterfly valve, such as load protection method. He can have a good maintenance of the butterfly valve. Its maintenance measures are mainly in two ways: to judge the increase and decrease of the input current of the ventilation butterfly valve; to judge the heating of the ventilation butterfly valve itself. There are other protection methods, and they all have certain commonalities.

Butterfly valve compared with ordinary valve of advantages

With the development of the times, many industries can not control the medium without the operation of valves. Different types of valve products can achieve different effects. Just like the stop valve products, this kind of products have reliable cut-off function to realize the flow regulation; one of the advantages of gate valve compared with the stop valve is that it is relatively labor-saving when opening and closing. Compared with the above two valves, the ball valve only needs to rotate 90 degrees of operation and a small moment of rotation to achieve tight closure.

Different valve performance is different. Today we are going to talk about butterfly valves. Butterfly valve is a large category of valves. As an early widely used valve, its foundation is very strong. After years of research and development and extension, compared with other valves, the butterfly valve products today have simple internal structure. When the product fails, it is also very convenient to maintain. This allows us to see butterfly valve products appear around our life and are widely used by people. Of course, everything has a good side and needs to be improved, but driven by the continuous innovation and research and development of science and technology, the technology level will gradually improve, and the performance of products will continue to improve, to achieve a higher degree of use effect.

High-vacuum butterfly valve

High-vacuum butterfly valve

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