high-vacuum flapper valve Used In extracting the CO2 Application

Customer Region: United States
Purchased Model: GDQ-S160 high-vacuum flapper valve
Application: extracting the CO2 industry

Required Technical specifications :

1. Weight: 20 kgs

2. Diameter: 150 DN, 6 inch diameter opening

3. Can take temperatures up to 200C without cooling

4. Flange type: ISO-K

EVP Solution:

1. The valve weight is 20kg which including in the carton package.

2. The flange standard is ISO-K and the inner diameter is 153mm, see attached pictures.

3. The seal rings (gas flow parts)  in the chamber of valve are all using FFKM material which can withstand temperatures as high as 200C based on all your provided specifications for this case.
Except the seal rings, if customer has the other parts which still need to do special changing or treatment, then please advise.

4.Flange type: ISO-K

5. The applicable vacuum level is 1X10E -5Pa ~ 1 bar

6. The compressed air pressure is 0.5~0.7MPa which around 72.5 ~101.5PSI;
The gas flow rate depends on pressure and inner size, we’ve no the exact data. The inlet diameter of the solenoid valve is ø 6mm .

7. The speed for the valve open and close ≤ 3s.

8. The cycle life of the valve is 200,000 times.


high-vacuum flapper valve Used In extracting the CO2 Application

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