How to choose a dry screw vacuum pump?

Dry screw vacuum pump has a series of problems, such as vacuum chamber volume, air extraction time, material air discharge, air leakage, pipeline flow guide, gas corrosion and so on.

When choosing the dry screw vacuum pump, choose the matching model according to the use requirements. It is suggested that professional guidance should be given to calculate the reasonable parameter value, so as to achieve good energy saving effect in the actual use process. Professional first guidance can guide the matching and selection of vacuum pumps in various industries one-to-one.

How to choose a dry screw vacuum pump

The selection of screw vacuum pump is suggested to consider the comprehensive factors. The power consumption accounts for a large part of the production cost.

How to control the flow of screw vacuum pump

Proper control of screw vacuum pump flow, not only has a good protection of the equipment, but also can improve the utilization rate. So how do you control it? EVP is here to tell you:

1. Speed control

The flow curve of screw vacuum pump is changed by the change of impeller velocity, but the characteristic of the curve is not changed. As the velocity decreases, the curve flattens and the head and velocity decrease.

2. By-pass valve regulation

Use intermediate valve and pump in parallel. The effect is similar to the new pump system, which not only changes the larger output head of the screw vacuum pump, but also changes the flow curve characteristics, and the flow curve is more linear.

3, adjust the impeller diameter of screw vacuum pump

No external components are used and the flow characteristic curve varies with diameter.

4. Adjust the opening of outlet valve

Using the intermediate pump and outlet line regulator in series, the actual effect is similar to the new pump system, but does not change the larger output head of the screw vacuum pump, and the flow curve is attenuated.

The main vacuum pumps of EVP company include: screw vacuum pump, water jet vacuum pump, water ring vacuum pump, roots vacuum pump, oil-free vacuum pump, vacuum unit, etc.

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