How to choose the imported vacuum pump for laboratory

Laboratory vacuum pump for gas circulation, is to let the gas in the two containers uniform flow, which requires the pump to bear a certain amount of resistance. The use of laboratory vacuum pump is more and more widely, most laboratory equipment will be equipped with imported vacuum pump, because the vacuum pump is not a single device, it can be used with other instruments. Such as vacuum filtration, microbial detection, waste liquid extraction, rotary evaporator, vacuum drying oven, lyophilizer and other equipment. Since the vacuum pump is very important for the laboratory, how should we choose the imported vacuum pump for the laboratory?

How to choose the imported vacuum pump for laboratory

How to choose the imported vacuum pump for laboratory

First, let’s get our heads together. The vacuum pump is an auxiliary device in each laboratory. And various instruments and equipment configuration of the vacuum pump will have different options. Laboratory vacuum pumps can be generally divided into dry and non – dry.

1, dry vacuum pump is also known as no oil vacuum pump, its characteristics are to rely on the machine’s own components to achieve the required vacuum, no pollution, no maintenance. There are also many types of oil-free division. But the most used in the laboratory, the most important is no oil piston type (mostly used for microbial detection) and corrosion resistant diaphragm type (mostly used for chemical laboratory) two, piston type and vacuum filtration, microbial detection, waste liquid extraction, vacuum drying box and other equipment used together. Corrosion resistant diaphragm general and rotary evaporator, vacuum drying box, centrifugal concentration and other supporting use.

2, non-dry vacuum pump, generally can be divided into oil vacuum pump, water circulation vacuum pump. The common point of non-dry vacuum pump is that it needs to use other materials (such as water and oil) to achieve the ideal vacuum, the most used in the laboratory is the oil vane pump, this is a relatively small, it is generally used with the lyophilizer, vacuum drying box.

How to choose the imported vacuum pump for laboratory? Mainly from the following aspects.

1. First of all, it is necessary to know the purpose of the vacuum pump for the vacuum pump and whether the extracted gas is corrosive. Such as vacuum filtration, vacuum drying. And whether the gas pumped by the vacuum pump is corrosive, such as reagent purification, sample filtration. In general, oil-free vacuum pump can be selected for filtering samples, reagents can be purified, and corrosion-resistant vacuum pump can be selected.

2. Second, consider the vacuum pump configuration in other instruments and equipment. If used in the configuration of rotary evaporator, corrosion resistant vacuum tube must be used. If it is used for drying oven, you can choose a higher vacuum pump, such as non-dry vacuum pump pump.

3. Finally, brand selection. There are many vacuum pumps of various brands on the market, and the quality of vacuum pumps produced by each manufacturer is uneven. EVP vacuum pump with mature science and technology, first-class technology, good reputation, compared with other brands, its high efficiency, energy saving, environmental performance is more outstanding, won the trust and favor of well-known enterprises in various production fields.

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