Air compressor electronic industry

Electronics industry

Use sensitive high-tech equipment to process and manufacture electronic components. This is a big capital investment for any operator and needs to be protected at all times.

Such equipment uses a large amount of compressed air to pneumatically transfer components or operate sensitive valves. The air has to be oil-free – which is certainly possible.

Oil pollution in compressed air can lead to costly maintenance work and, in severe cases, complete plant shutdown.

We understand that there are many aspects to worry about in our work.

And compressed air quality is just some aspects that you need to guarantee.

All of our oil-free compressors ensure a completely clean and consistent air source, allowing you to focus on business performance.

Typical uses of compressed air in the electronics industry include:

PCB cleaning – after production, use air to purge the board for cleaning

Pick and place equipment – use air to provide kinetic energy for pneumatic equipment to transport components

Compressed air quality optimization scheme for electronic industry

In the electronic industry, many users only pay attention to the selection of the main equipment (for example, paste printing machine, reflow welding machine, wave soldering machine, etc.) when considering the configuration, equipment selection and subsequent installation and use of SMT production line, but ignore the reasonable selection and investment of supporting facilities such as air force and power supply power, leaving a long-term hidden danger to the production line 。 A well-equipped SMT production line has a normal gas consumption of about 600-1000 L / min. in order to meet the normal production, it is not only required to provide stable and sufficient air pressure and flow, but also many manufacturers’ SMT equipment emphasizes that the compressed air used in the operation manual must be dry and clean.

There are corrosive gas, water vapor, hydrocarbon and other impurities in the atmosphere. There are about 140 million solid particles in each cubic meter of air. More than 80% of these impurities have particle diameter less than 2 μ M. therefore, they will easily enter the compressed air system through the air compressor and silencing filter. When these solid particles enter into the compressed air pipe network system together with the oil and water vapor in the compressed air, it will cause corrosion of the pipe network and equipment, and increase the maintenance cost of the system equipment. The compressed air without purification will bring serious harm to SMT production

During wave soldering, the use of unclean compressed air brings impurities such as oil and water to flux, PCB and component lead, resulting in poor soldering. When the chip type ceramic capacitor is connected, there are many times that the solder makes the component body form a through short circuit, most of the reasons are because the flux is polluted by the unclean compressed air. For the welding of PCB with high component density or dense component leads, it is necessary to prevent the contamination of flux by unclean compressed air, and the chances of short circuit and faulty welding will be greatly increased.

Therefore, the effective removal of water, oil, dust particles in compressed air, improve the quality of compressed air, meet the technological requirements of equipment, will directly reduce the production cost of enterprises, improve production efficiency and economic efficiency. SMT peripheral equipment belongs to precision machinery equipment, and the compressed air provided shall be clean and dry.

For the equipment with high requirements for gas source, the gas quality shall meet the requirements of ISO8573.1: class2.4.2, or even is08573.1: class1.4.1.

Air compressor for electronic industry

Air compressor for electronic industry

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