Screw Pump System

The oil recovery system of screw pump is mainly composed of the driving device of screw pump, the wellhead device of screw pump, the downhole pump of screw pump and the intermediate tubing.
According to the different screw pump drive, can be divided into electric drive, hydraulic drive and mobile drive. Screw pump oil production system is divided into three types.
Ground drive, which is the most widely used screw pump, we mainly introduce the screw pump motor system. The oil recovery system of electric screw pump is composed of bottom hole of screw pump, sucker rod string, rod centralizer of screw pump and ground drive system of screw pump.

Screw Pump System

Screw pump selection

In the actual production operation, if you want to implement the screw pump production operation, the optimal pump type is indispensable. So how to choose the best pump type and matching equipment?

1. Selection basis

Firstly, the displacement of screw pump should be determined according to the well output.

Secondly, the lifting height should be determined according to the working curve of the pump, and the reasonable interference should be determined according to the actual conditions of the well.

Finally, the rod material and specification, motor and other accessory parts are selected according to the pump load.

2. Selection of supporting tools

Special wellhead: simplified the tree, easy to use, repair and maintenance, at the same time increased the wellhead strength, reduce the vibration of the ground drive device, play a role in protecting the smooth rod and sealing the wellhead.

Special light rod: used to connect the drive device with the bottom hole sucker rod. Special light rod strength, anti – fracture, high finish, good for wellhead seal.

Sucker rod anti-reverse device: in order to prevent sucker rod from reversing in the process of operation, it is necessary to set up mechanical anti-reverse system in the drive device, such as ratchet mechanism, friction anti-reverse device, wedge anti-reverse system, hydraulic anti-reverse system, electromagnetic anti-reverse device, etc.

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