How to maintain EVP Vacuum Pump in winter

Vacuum pump maintenance directly affect the stability of the pump, and even affect the service life of the vacuum pump, maintenance methods are many, and we share some scientific vacuum pump winter maintenance methods.

1. Do not use it in too cold environment, and it can be properly preheated before use.

2. Add the bearing lubricating oil into the bearing body, observe that the oil level should be at the center line of the oil mark, and the lubricating oil should be replaced or supplemented in time.

3. Close the gate valve of the outlet pipeline, the outlet pressure gauge and the inlet vacuum gauge.

4. Start the motor and check whether the motor turns correctly.

5. If abnormal sound of vacuum pump is found, stop immediately to check the reason.


6. Try to control the flow rate of the vacuum pump within the range indicated on the label, so as to ensure that the vacuum pump operates at the highest efficiency point, so as to obtain the maximum energy saving effect.

7. Often adjust the packing gland to ensure the normal dripping leakage in the packing room.

8. If the vacuum pump is out of service for a long time, it is necessary to disassemble the pump, dry the water, coat the rotating parts and the joint with grease, and keep it properly.

9. Check the wear condition of the axle sleeve regularly, and replace it in time after the wear is large.

10. When the vacuum pump is used in the cold winter, after stopping, it is necessary to open the plug of the lower part of the pump body to remove the medium and prevent freezing cracking.

11. When the vacuum pump is to be stopped, first close the gate valve, pressure gauge, and then stop the motor.

12. The vacuum pump shall change the lubricating oil after 100 hours within the first month of operation, and the oil shall be changed once every 500 hours thereafter.

13. Start the motor. When the vacuum pump is in normal operation, open the outlet pressure gauge, gradually open the gate valve after it shows the appropriate pressure, and check the motor load.

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