How to repair roots vacuum pump coupling

In the whole roots vacuum pump, the coupling is a key component, and many operations are inseparable from it. Once the coupling is broken, it needs to be repaired in time. So how should users the coupling of coupling equipment? The following is a detailed description of these aspects:

How to repair roots vacuum pump coupling

1. Roots vacuum pump of coupling
When repairing, first remove the connecting screws and elastic rubber, and analyze the appropriate amount of plane clearance of the coupling according to the application condition. Different temperatures and different voids are adopted, which are generally between 2mm and 4mm. During disassembly and assembly, be sure not to damage the elastic rubber parts. Replace them when they are broken. The elastic parts should be kneaded constantly to cushion, and the wound is very simple to be torn.

2. Roots vacuum pump three jaw coupling
First, check whether the pump coupling on the pump side is concentric and whether the outer circle runout of the coupling is large. If the beating is large and needs to be removed for replacement, be careful not to knock it directly with a hammer, or the shaft will be bent. Disassemble and use the special tool to pull the horse. Pay attention to the place where the wall thickness of the coupling is relatively thick, otherwise the three jaw coupling may be pulled apart. Take apart and pay attention to whether the hexagonal elastic block is deformed. If it is a little deformed, it is recommended to replace it with a new one.

The above is the method to repair the coupling of Roots vacuum pump. When repairing, we only need to remember the above operations and repair according to the above methods. Whether the coupling is normal will also determine whether the equipment operates normally. This shows its importance.

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