How to use vacuum pump

Vacuum pump as a basic gas extraction equipment has a wide range of applications in all walks of life, today EVP vacuum pump manufacturers bring the most complete use of vacuum pump, quick collection!

How to use vacuum pump:

1. For the mechanical vacuum pump that needs to be connected with cooling water, the cooling water shall be connected before starting. The outlet water temperature of cooling water should not exceed 30 ℃.

2. The pipeline between the continuous vacuum pump and the system to be pumped should be as short and thick as possible, and the inner diameter of the pipeline should generally not be smaller than the diameter of the air inlet of the dry vacuum pump, so as to avoid the influence of the resistance of the dry pipeline on the pumping rate.

3. In order to keep the working room clean and healthy, which is beneficial to the health of the staff, the gas discharged shall be directly led to the outside by the skin tube.

4. When the vacuum pump has not been working for a long time or the ambient temperature is low, it may cause difficulty in starting. At this time, the suction port of the vacuum pump should be vented to the atmosphere, and the belt pulley should be turned with abundant power (do not connect the power supply to make the vacuum pump rotate for several weeks before starting. If the vacuum pump is directly connected, the motor can be continuously operated for several times, and the oil stored in the vacuum pump cavity can be discharged into the oil tank to start. If not, use radiation heating or infrared lamp to directly heat the vacuum pump until it can move.

5. Before use, check whether the mechanical vacuum pump oil reaches the oil marking position of the window. At the same time, the rotation direction of the motor pulley must be checked. When the observer is facing the pulley, the pulley shall rotate clockwise. If it rotates in the opposite direction, any two-phase connector in the phase power supply can be replaced. Otherwise, the rotary vane vacuum pump will pump oil and air into the pumped system instead of pumping, causing serious pollution.

6. After the work is finished, close the high vacuum valve first, then the low vacuum valve, then stop the rotary vane vacuum pump, and then vent it (if the electromagnetic vacuum belt vent valve is used, it can automatically vent) to prevent the oil from returning to the vacuum system, and finally cut off the main power supply.

7. Pay attention to prevent hard materials (metal chips, glass chips, etc.) from falling into the vacuum pump and scratching the moving parts of the vacuum pump. When the vacuum pump is out of service for a long time, it shall be stored in a dry and clean environment, and the suction port and exhaust port shall be blocked to prevent dirt from falling in.

8. When disassembling, cleaning and assembling the mechanical vacuum pump, pay attention not to damage the sealing surface, do not lose the screws, and blow dry or supply dry parts (the temperature should not be too high and the time should not be too long). During assembly, apply a small amount of grease on the wall of the vacuum pump to remove the dead space as much as possible. The amount of oil is based on the oil line, and excessive oil will be injected.

According to the scope of use and pumping efficiency, vacuum pumps can be divided into three categories:

1. General water ring vacuum pump, the pressure can reach 1.333 ~ 100KPA (10 ~ 760mmhg), which is “coarse” vacuum.

2. The pressure of oil vacuum pump can reach 0.133-133.3pa (0.001-1mmhg), which is a “sub high” vacuum.

3. Diffusion vacuum pump, the pressure can be up to 0.133Pa below, (10-3mmhg) is “high” vacuum.

If you want a lower pressure, you need to use a pump. A good oil vacuum pump can pump 133.3pa (1mmhg) or less.


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