Hydraulic system of vacuum pump unit

The vacuum pump unit needs to use the hydraulic system. Many users should know about its hydraulic system.

The pressure adjustment of the hydraulic system of the vacuum pump unit is improper, causing the heating of the system. The programmable controller introduces the vacuum pump unit, which greatly improves the reliability of the electrical system.

At the same time, should observe the pressure and the working condition of each system, for each system working properly rear can normal pumping speed, make the work carried out continuous as possible, the concrete cylinder piston should maintain with maximum running, so as to play its maximum efficiency, and can make the concrete cylinder wear uniform in length direction, if pressure is too high and unstable, high oil temperature rise. When the phenomenon of open crown vibration and difficulty in pumping, it shall not be forced to pump. It was found from the investigation on the use of fine stone concrete pump.

Roots water ring vacuum unit

For many types of vacuum pump units, the temperature of the hydraulic system can reach up to 60e after about 40min of use. After about 2h of use, the heat balance temperature of the hydraulic system can reach up to 70e or more while the normal heat balance temperature of the hydraulic system should be around 50e.

Therefore, the oil temperature of the hydraulic system is too high, that is, the heat problem. In the hydraulic system, safety valve, overflow valve and sequence valve are usually provided due to performance requirements. If the pressure adjustment of the safety valve is too low, the safety valve will open frequently, causing overflow loss and causing system heating. If the pressure adjustment is too high, the leakage in the system will increase and the system will heat up. Therefore, the safety valve and pressure value should be correctly calculated and adjusted according to the load requirements of the hydraulic system, so as to ensure the system works within the specified pressure range. The pipe can be bent by tapping the mallet first.

As for the hydraulic system of the vacuum pump unit, I believe that after you know it, it will be more beneficial to us in future use. I hope the above knowledge will help you.

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