Industrial vacuum pumps for static drying

Vacuum drying is the heating and drying of the dried material under vacuum conditions. It USES vacuum pump to pump air and dehumidify, making the work room in a vacuum state, the drying rate of the material is greatly accelerated, and the energy is also saved.
The so-called vacuum drying, is will be dried materials in the vacuum condition, heating and drying. If the vacuum pump is used to extract air and moisture, the drying rate is accelerated.
Note: if the condenser is used, the solvent in the material can be recovered through the condenser. Such as SK series liquid ring vacuum pump or rotary vane vacuum pump, can not use the condenser, save energy investment.

The reduction of the boiling point of the material solution under vacuum increases the heat transfer impetus of the evaporator, so the heat transfer area of the evaporator can be saved by a certain amount of heat transfer.
The liquid ring belongs to the static vacuum dryer, so the shape of the drying material will not be damaged.
Suitable for low-temperature drying of thermal equivalent sensitive materials which are easy to decompose, polymerization and metamorphism at high temperature; Widely used in pharmaceutical, chemical, food, electronics and other industries.

In the development of industry, the research and discussion of vacuum pump need to be more in-depth

The rotor of vacuum pump is the key part of vacuum pump. Its dynamic balance is directly related to the vibration, noise and performance of the vacuum pump. Especially in the vacuum pump speed is constantly increasing, the dynamic balance of the vacuum pump rotor becomes more important.

Although the demand for vacuum pumps in China is increasing day by day, the vacuum pump products of many multinational companies occupy a leading position in the market of high-end vacuum pumps in China. Therefore, it is important to study the economical and reliable vacuum pump. In order to meet the needs of developing, researching and producing liquid-ring vacuum pumps in China, hainan chemical machinery and pump factory has conducted in-depth research and discussion on the meshing theory, profile composition and leakage problems of liquid-ring vacuum pumps, and mainly done the following work:

1. Starting from the current situation and development direction of vacuum technology and vacuum pump, the paper explains the rise of vacuum pump, the emergence and development status of liquid ring vacuum pump;

2. According to the existing theory of rotary vane design and the requirements of vacuum equipment, the basic principles of rotary vane rotor profile design are determined; Starting from the requirements and performance direction of rotary vane vacuum pump, the performance characteristics of the rotor of the vacuum pump manufactured by this type of line are analyzed.

3, according to the theory of thermodynamics, mass conservation, dynamics, using the corresponding mathematical equations set up mathematical model related to the process of the working process of the vacuum pump, such as energy balance equation, the mass balance equation, flow balance equation, etc., also established the mathematical model of leakage in the process of work provides a theoretical basis for calculating the performance of unit for vacuum.

Industrial vacuum pumps for static drying

Industrial vacuum pumps for static drying

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