power plant use vacuum pump

Description of water ring vacuum pump in power plant

Vacuum pump mainly includes centrifugal vacuum pump and water ring vacuum pump and other types, their working principle is similar, but different implementation. Water ring vacuum pump is widely used due to its advantages of safe use, simple operation, economical operation, reliable operation, small contact area of static and static parts, no need for oil lubrication, low operating noise and compact structure. The vacuum pump pumping system has the advantages of simple pipeline layout, small floor area and minimal civil engineering construction. It can be put into commercial operation only by connecting pipelines, air sources and power sources, and it can save a lot of water resources.

power plant use vacuum pump

Water ring vacuum pump has axial suction and exhaust and radial suction and exhaust. The advantages of axial suction and exhaust are simple structure and convenient maintenance. Disadvantages are large hydraulic loss, pump efficiency reduced. The advantages of radial suction and exhaust are small hydraulic loss and improved pump efficiency. The disadvantage is that the gas distributor structure is complex, machining and installation accuracy is higher. The foreign manufacturers of complete vacuum pump equipment mainly include Nash company of America and Siemens company of Germany. Shanghai feilu vacuum pump factory co., LTD is one of the domestic manufacturers. For the production of domestic turbine generator sets supporting equipment. Operation practice shows that domestic equipment can replace imported equipment, and domestic equipment has more price advantage compared with imported equipment. Due to its advantages in performance and price, the water-ring vacuum pump system is widely used not only in units of 300 MW, 600 MW and above, but also in many small and medium-sized units of high pressure and ultra-high pressure in recent years, which replaces the original water-jet pumping system and brings long-term benefits to the power plant.

Industry pioneer expands the limits of vacuum pump design

Our pioneering work in developing early stage power plant equipment for the power industry is the basis of our current market leadership.

Today, we provide advanced vacuum systems for thermal, nuclear and even solar power plants. With nearly 100 years of expertise and innovation, we can exceed the limits of vacuum system design to meet your specific power generation requirements.

Expertise you can count on
The design of vacuum system plays an important role in the whole power plant performance. Our design conforms to global and industry standards and can provide standard packaging for you, which can be customized according to your specific application.

Fully automatic CEP package
Our CEP package is fully automated and designed to meet the typical specifications of large steam turbine equipment developed by major utilities and independent power producers.

Low capacity SCP package
Our SCP packages meet the requirements of low capacity plants for industrial and Marine applications. If your requirements are more complex and may include a hybrid system with a special recirculation system, or a combination of liquid ring pumps, air or steam ejectors, we can design a custom system to meet your specific requirements.

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