Dry vacuum pump market

With the development of science and technology, the vacuum pump market is more and more widely used in more fields. There are two urgent problems in the original mechanical vacuum pump and its air extraction system. One is that the backflow of working medium of the pump pollutes the pumped container, which in many cases affects the quality and quantity of the product and increases the maintenance cost of the equipment. Secondly, due to some reaction substances in the process of vacuum pump, the medium is seriously deteriorated, so that the pump can not work normally. The development of dry vacuum pump will not have such a problem.

Dry vacuum pump market

The dry vacuum pump market has the advantages of reliability, development and installation of simple, environmentally friendly vacuum pump, and the ability to provide liquid and solid treatment. So what is the future trend of dry vacuum pump? The following points are summarized:

In line with economic principles
Therefore, the operation cost of these equipment conforms to the economic principle, and users can optimize their vacuum process and minimize the overall purchase cost.

Environmental protection and energy conservation
How to make the dry vacuum pump to minimize the impact on the environment, lower energy consumption, better reduce power costs, more flexible vacuum degree, or make it free of process steam or cooling water pollution, and will not produce waste water. The mechanical device of dry pump shall operate smoothly and quietly to minimize noise. In addition, the floor area and height shall be minimized.

Dry vacuum pump market

Wide range of use
To make the vacuum pump in the harsh pumping environment, still can play a strong and reliable performance, and has the liquid and solid processing capacity. For example, it can continuously aspirate up to one liter of liquid per minute, and continuously aspirate up to 25 liters of liquid. The dry vacuum pump can be widely used in hazardous environment to ensure the safe suction of combustible gas.

Intelligent operation
For example, screw technology can provide smooth progressive compression along the rotor, thus improving heat control at all inlet pressures and optimizing suction operations. The advanced temperature management system is added to the dry vacuum pump to keep the temperature at a controllable level and optimize the process performance.

Dry vacuum pump market

After sales service can be extended
Enterprises can extend after-sales service time and improve their soft power.

The development of new dry pump should combine the high-performance technology developed in the field of semiconductor vacuum and the long-term successful experience of providing vacuum equipment for the chemical and pharmaceutical industries. Innovation is the only way for the development of dry vacuum pump.

The enterprises that develop reliable, efficient and easy to install vacuum pump and study the advanced technology and application expertise of vacuum pump will become.

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