Industrial air compressor in pressure sensor

Industrial air compressor in pressure sensor application

Air compressor is a widely used industrial machine, which is often used in pressure sensor. Pressure sensor is the most commonly used sensor in industrial practice. Generally, the output of common pressure sensor is analog signal, which means that the information parameters are continuous in a given range. Or in a continuous time interval, the characteristic quantity representing information can be presented as any numerical signal in any instant. The pressure sensor we usually use is mainly made of piezoelectric effect, which is also called piezoelectric sensor.

The air compressor is the main part of the air source device. It is the device that converts the mechanical energy of the prime mover into the gas pressure energy. It is the air pressure generating device of the compressed air. The safe operation of the air compressor cannot be separated from the support of various sensors inside.

Now, the air compressor is the necessary equipment for various factories, roads, mines and construction industries. It is mainly used to provide a constant supply of certain equipment Compressed air of pressure, such as air supply to pneumatic valve, provides air source for process flow requiring certain pressure gas. The selection of air compressor is mainly based on the working pressure and flow of pneumatic system.

There are many kinds of it. Air compressor safety management system is also widely used in the field of sensors. In the air compressor safety management system, the pressure sensor realizes the side airbag control. There are two ways to control the side airbag of air compressor: acceleration sensor and pressure sensor.

Authoritative data show that compared with the acceleration sensor, the pressure sensor is nearly three times faster than the acceleration sensor in detecting the side impact speed, and the probability of misoperation is smaller.

It is worth mentioning that micromachining technology is used to encapsulate the micromechanical sensor, signal conditioner and data processing device on a chip (namely MEMS Technology). With the appearance of micro sensors, micro sensors have the characteristics of small size, low price, easy integration, and can improve the system test accuracy. At the same time, with the development of microelectronics and micromachining technology, the sensor is developing towards miniaturization, multifunction and intelligence. Experts in this field are optimistic about the development prospect of air compressor sensors in China. They believe that the increase in the number of air compressors and the increase in the number of sensors used in each air compressor determine that the capacity of China’s sensor market will continue to increase, and China’s sensor market is entering a period of vigorous development. The air compressor also began to use micro pressure sensor, micro intelligent sensor equipped with a special computer, its rapid development will improve the safety performance of the air compressor to an unprecedented height.

In industrial air compressors, heavy-duty pressure sensors are used to measure and control inlet and outlet pressure, filter pressure drop, cooling water inlet and outlet pressure, and compressor oil pressure. Sensors play a key role in maintaining the performance and efficiency of compressors.
Consistent with the application of compressed air in industrial system – when the pressure of air storage tank drops, the air compressor will be triggered to start; the compressor will continue to operate until the air pressure reaches the preset value.

In pneumatic applications, heavy-duty pressure sensors can be used to measure and control the pressure of high-pressure compressed air and gas. The core of pneumatic application is air compressor, whose function is to provide compressed air to drive pneumatic equipment or tools. In the air compressor, the pressure sensor can convert the measured compressed air pressure into digital or analog electronic signals, which can achieve precise control in the manufacturing, construction, chemical industry, pneumatic tools, oil and natural gas, food and beverage industries and medical equipment applications. The pressure measurement range for heavy duty applications is typically 100 to 1000 psi.

Sensors are commonly used for two types of pressure measurement:
(1) Determine whether the compressed air output to the using equipment is appropriate;
(2) Monitor air pressure leakage for maintenance of pressure pipeline. In order to achieve and maintain better compressor performance, the selection of sensors should be mainly based on reliability and air pressure measurement accuracy. Many key performance technical parameters, including total error range (TEB), configurability and durability, need to be considered when selecting heavy-duty pressure sensor. In addition, other important parameters need to be considered, including calibration, zero point output and wide pressure range. All of the above factors can affect product performance, time to market and the overall application cost of customers.

Industrial air compressor in pressure sensor

Industrial air compressor in pressure sensor

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